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Pishicu and the Wisdom Council: Part Two

by chipster33


Pishicu sat frozen at the keyhole. This wasn't good news, it couldn't be! Nothing good could come from a Cybunny that scary.

"I'm glad to have finally found you Master Terskun," the Cybunny said respectfully to Pishicu's little brother. The words slid out of his mouth like silk, and he bowed to the Draik with such respect you would have thought Terskun to be a king.

"Thank you Fedle, but there is no time for that now. We have wasted enough time already," Terskun replied.

Pishicu was astounded. She had never heard Terskun speak so many words in his whole life, let alone in two sentences! Why was Terskun speaking to this Cybunny anyway? He couldn't possibly know him!

"I suppose. You weren't with the owner we planned on you being with. What happened?" the Cybunny called Fedle questioned.

"Planned?" Pishicu thought to herself. "How can owners be planned?"

"Apparently the owner you sent me to preferred neopoints and a couple of paintbrushes rather than a life. But no matter, I'm fine here," the Draik remarked as he sat on his bed. "This owner has been most useful and kind. Since she allowed me to choose out a petpet so quickly, I was able to contact you."

"Yes, your Weewoo is very intelligent... But her attitude..."

"Yeah... Beelika is not the friendliest of petpets, but she's not terrible. Not as bad as my sister, though," Terskun said with a sly grin.

The Poogle's hair stood on end and she suppressed a growl.

That dirty rotten little... she thought venomously.

Fedle chuckled. "Well, I wouldn't be too upset with her. This room... It's pretty nice for a new pet. It has nothing on the Castle, but still... She must really spoil you," the Cybunny remarked as he rubbed the soft Zen sheets on Terskun's bed.

Pishicu growled to herself. Terskun didn't deserve all of this nice stuff Chipster gave him. He was obviously plotting something, and if she didn't feel so spooked she'd run in there now and grab him by his little scaly throat.

Terskun smiled modestly, but then the look disappeared. "That's not important now. Where are the others?"

"Well, Rucsk is still a petpet," Fedle muttered.

"Oh the disadvantages of being a Krawk. Is he in the Trading Post or a shop to where we might be able to buy him?"

"Nope, attached to a pet. I already tried to bargain with the Gelert that owned him... Won't settle for anything, the little brat," Fedle said while he shook his head.

Terskun frowned. "We can't do this without him..."

"Don't worry," the Cybunny reassured. "Yessey said that she'd take care of it."

"Good 'ol Yessey. Speaking of which, what about Yessey and Levita?"

Fedle stared up for a second in thought, then he finally replied, "Both the girls are fine. They're living in the wild, I just wish that could've worked for you. Too bad little Draiks are eggs. I'm glad you all made it okay, anyway. When I used that potion I wasn't sure..."

"Potion?" thought Pishicu apprehensively.

"Even if you had messed up it would have been better than serving those witches! Speaking of which, how are they now?" Terskun inquired spitefully. "Sick I hope."

Fedle turned his head unhappily. "No, they're--" His eyes widened with fear, he was staring straight at Pishicu! But how could he? She was hidden behind the door!

"Fedle, what's wrong?" Terskun asked.

The silver-eyed Cybunny walked over to the Draik and whispered something in his ear. Terskun's ears went back as he started creeping towards the door.

Pishicu knew that she had been spotted, how she didn't know. She wanted to run, but her feet wouldn't move. Her stupid brother and his creepy friend were going to find her!

The doorknob started turning, and suddenly the feeling came back into Pishicu's legs. She knew she had to get out of there!

The Poogle took off as soon as the door opened, dropping her glasses. She didn't care though, at least she'd be able to get away.

"Pishicu, halt!" Terskun cried. He then stretched out his arm and pointed at his sister. She froze instantly in mid-dash.

"W-what are you doing to me you- you freak!" Pishicu screeched as she desperately tried to move her legs. She could barely see Terskun and Fedle standing before her since she didn't have her glasses. "I-I'm gonna scream for Chipster if you don't put me down!"

"Oh, I didn't think about that!" Terskun mumbled to himself. With another wave of his hand Pishicu's lips sealed.

"MMMMPTEEER! MMMMPTEEER!" Pishicu screamed hopelessly, but her lips would not open so she could form words.

Fedle chuckled. "I love to see you do that. You haven't lost your touch have you?" the Cybunny mused.

"Apparently not," Terskun said as he looked at his fingers affectionately. "But please put Pishicu's glasses back on. She might be obnoxious, nosy, and have a bad case of jealousy, but she is my 'sister' and she is near-sighted."

Fedle nodded and instantly did as he was told.

"Good, now help me take her into my room so we can find out all she heard," Terskun ordered as he walked over to Pishicu.

Then with Fedle's help, they managed to lift the 68-pound Poogle and take her out of the Jelly Kitchen and into the Marble room.

"Close the door," Terskun ordered, however he needn't had done so; Fedle had already shut it behind them.

"Okay Pishicu, I'm going to let your mouth free now, but you have to promise not to yell. All right?" Terskun said slowly and clearly, as if he was talking to a small child.

Pishicu stared at him grimly, but then nodded very slightly (of course it was all she could manage since the rest of her body was frozen).

Terskun smiled, and with a wave of his hand Pishicu's lips were free to move. He immediately wished he hadn't done so.

"WHAT IN NEOPIA DID YOU DO TO ME?!?" Pishicu screamed at the top of her lungs.

Terskun winced and looked at Fedle, who was staring at a wall.

"Don't worry, Chipster didn't hear a thing," the Cybunny said as he gave his friend a comforting look.

"It would really be easier if you didn't yell," Terskun replied smugly to Pishicu.


Terskun massaged the temples of his forehead with his scaly fingers. "I'll do it if you tell me what you heard," the Draik finally concluded.


Fedle frowned at his companion, but finally muttered, "I guess you have to. Sooner or later Chipster will notice something."

The Draik waved his hand again and Pishicu was free.

"Now will you please tell me what you heard--AAAH! Pishicu, gerroff me!" Terskun screamed, totally losing his dignified leader status and becoming a little brother with a very angry older sister. "Pishicu, stop!"

The Poogle, however, did no such thing. "YOU STUPID, DUMB, MEAN, IDIOTIC, DUNG-HEAD!" Pishicu screamed as she proceeded in punching every square inch of Terskun's body she could reach. "I'M GOING TO GROUND YOU FINER THAN DUST! I'M GOING TO--"

"STOP!!!" Fedle hollered. "You are both going to wake up your owner and both of you are going to get in trouble!!!"

Pishicu backed off and straightened her glasses, but she was still glaring at Terskun as if she wanted to kill him.

"Now," Fedle said placidly, "I suggest that we all discuss calmly about what you overheard, Miss Pishicu."

"What do you mean? Why am I taking directions from you anyway? I don't even know who you are, well, besides overhearing your name," Pishicu spat bitterly as she stared at the Cybunny. "Now I have another proposal for you two morons. For every question you ask, I get to ask one in return. This is non-negotiable."

Fedle and Terskun eyed each other, and finally they both nodded, though they both looked unwilling.

"Okay, now let me ask my question first," Terskun said. "How much did you over-hear?"


Terskun looked at her in disgust at her less-than-informative response.

"Now my question, my dear little brother, is what did you mean by you 'weren't with the right owner?' Pets can't choose which owners they want," the Poogle said curtly.

Terskun smiled widely. "That's going awful deep, Pishicu... I'm not sure if I can reveal that..."

"Your promise?"

Terskun groaned, "Fedle, could you explain? I'm still a little confused on what happened myself. Being hatched again takes a lot out of you."

"My pleasure Master Terskun," Fedle said with a swift bow. "You see Miss Pishicu, for you to really understand this we have to go back quite a ways-- if that's okay with Terskun..."

"Fine, she was going to ask about it anyway."

"Good. You see, you know how the Faerie Queen is supposed to rule wisely over Neopia and make so many tough decisions? And have you noticed how each of them seem so wise and very well thought out?"

"Yeah, she's pretty good at it. Most would crack under all that pressure that she goes through," Pishicu remarked.

Fedle smiled a creepy smile and somehow his silver eyes seemed to glitter more than usual. Chills went down Pishicu's spine; she would never get used to those eyes. "She's just a bunch of eye candy. Totally fake."

To be continued...

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