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Uni Clown: Part Two

by charmedhorses


"Closer? What do you mean closer?" Charmedhorses asked. "Indi, the show is over. It's time to go home."

     But the baby Uni shook her head. It seemed the circus had affected Indipsi much more so than she had expected. "I want to get closer," she repeated. And with that the Uni fought her way through the crowd in the opposite direction. As Neopets clambered to move forward to the door, Indipsi struggled toward the stage, her bewildered owner following close behind.

      "Indi, where are you going?" Charmed pestered, holding onto her Uni's tail to keep from losing her in the crowd.

     Indipsi refused to give away her mission, but finally broke through the pack and found herself directly in front of the stage. There a few Neopets scurried hurriedly along, cleaning up after the circus's participants.

      "Excuse me," Indipsi interrupted a yellow Acara with a broom. "Where can I sign up to join the circus?"

      "Join the circus?" Charmed was stunned.

      "Oh, you need to talk to the ringmaster about that," the Acara said, pointing toward a back room.

     Indi thanked her and followed the direction in which the Acara had pointed. Charmed remained behind Indi, continuing to question her motives, but Indipsi just ignored her.

     When Indipsi reached a back office with 'Ringmaster' written on it in fancy script she gave the door a knock and asked, "Excuse me? Can you help me?"

      "Yeah?" the man inside grunted. "What do you want?"

      "I'd like to join your circus," Indipsi informed him, putting on a bright smile even though the door was closed.

      "Oh?" the man perked up and opened the door. "What exactly would you like to do?"

      "Anything," Indipsi said a the same time as Charmedhorses said, "Nothing."

      "Well, which is it?" the ringmaster asked.

      "Just a minute," Charmed said, pulling her Uni aside. "Indi, let's talk this out. What are you planning to do?"

     Indipsi snorted impatiently. "I want to work in the circus this summer to earn Neopoints for my royal paint brush."

      "Are you sure?" Charmed asked. "That would require a lot of time away from home and a lot of hard work."

      "I know," Indipsi nodded. "I want to do it." She turned back to the ringmaster.

      "Are you funny?" the man inquired.

      "She's very funny," Charmed said, still conversing with Indipsi. "If this is really what you want…"

      "It is."

      "Then I can handle it."

      "So you're funny," the Ringmaster pondered. "How do you look in a red nose?"

      "I can't say I know," Indipsi said. "But I'd love to be a clown."

      "Eh, you're a smart one," the man retorted. "And you're hired."

      "Goody!" Indipsi exclaimed. "When do I start?"

      "You can movie n tomorrow morning," the ringmaster instructed. "What's your name?"

      "Indipsi…" the baby Uni said, her mind racing as she realized the severity of what she was getting herself into.

     Indipsi and the ringmaster finished their business within a few minutes and Indi headed home in a daze, Charmed quiet and sullen beside her.

     Once at home Indipsi sook comfort in her room. The baby Uni gazed around at all of her prized possessions, wondering what kind of place she'd have at the circus. There's got to be a mirror, Indipsi thought. And a bundle of roses from my fans, Indipsi dreamt on.

      "I'm just being silly," Indipsi told herself. "There's no reason to be homesick. I haven't even left home yet! And besides, joining the circus is the perfect solution to my Neopoint problem."

     Meanwhile Charmedhorses had retreated to her own bedroom. It was hard to imagine the excitement that she had felt at the beginning of the night. True to its reputation, the circus had been fantastic, but after Indipsi had actually joined it herself, Charmed wasn't so impressed. A whole summer with her Uni working as a clown. Maybe Charmed would vacation to Mystery Island again. It sure would be good to get away. No, she decided. She would have to keep a cheery disposition for Indi's sake.

     The next morning Indipsi was up and packing a suitcase long before Charmed was up to make breakfast. By the time Charmed had a stack of pancakes on the table and ready for eating Indipsi was ready to leave.

     As Indipsi gulped down her pancakes in huge bites Charmedhorses picked at hers. "You seem excited," she said to Indipsi.

      "Mmm hmm," the Uni replied, a large mouthful of pancake inhibiting her speech.

      "Good," Charmed nodded. "It sounds like you'll have lots of fun this summer."


After breakfast Charmed accompanied Indipsi to the circus tent, where the ringmaster (whom she was to call simply Ring) showed her to her room.

     Indipsi's eyes gazed with fondness at the script on her door which wrote out her name. Then Ring left Indi and Charmed alone to say their goodbyes and get settled in.

      "Wow, this place is great," Charmed complimented, eying the dark room, lit by huge bulbs above a vanity and mirror. A rack of clothing lined one wall and a foldable bed lay beside the opposite. A note on the mirror read, "Welcome to the circus, Indipsi. Rehearsal starts at 3 o'clock sharp in the arena. Be dressed and ready."

     Charmed smiled. "It looks like you've got work to do."

     Indipsi nodded. "But you'll come to tonight's show, right?"

      "I wouldn't miss it for the world," Charmed promised.

      "I may even be able to get you a discount," Indipsi teased.

     Charmed laughed. "You be good now. I'll miss you."

     Indipsi looked her owner square in the eye. "I'll miss you too."

     Once Charmedhorses had left Indipsi explored her new room, admiring her vanity and then taking a look at her rack of costumes. Although all were clown costumes each was unique in design and pattern. Indi's favorite was a silver drapery which complimented her fur color nicely. A rainbow of sequins adorned the cloth and matching tassels hung from the sides. A matching collar made out of shimmery ruffles was provided as well as the traditional red nose. An assortment of ribbons were also included for finishing touches.

     Though it was only half past twelve Indipsi was eager to get ready for rehearsal. Eyes ablaze with glee, Indi took the silver suit off its hanger and proceeded to put it on.

     When Indipsi had gotten dressed she looked at herself in the mirror with joy. She looked like a completely different Uni. Never had she worn something so outrageous and it was an amazing feeling. "I bet this is something like what I'll wear when I'm a princess," Indipsi contemplated.

     In the remaining time before rehearsal began, Indipsi went over some of the routines she had come up with the night before.

     Indipsi squeezed her red ball nose and asked, "Is this nose on?" The Uni continued with her lame jokes, hoping they would be adequate for the show.

     By the time Indi had finished her own practice session it was time for rehearsal. Anxious to get the hang of this new way of life Indipsi rushed off to meet the rest of the crew.

     At the rehearsal Indipsi was greeted by a circle of smiling faces who applauded when they caught sight of the newest member. It seemed that in the circus world a round of applause was equivalent to giving a Lupe a treat. Anytime something good was done the cast would break into applause.

     In response to the addition of a new clown, the other circus members went around announcing their names and a little bit about themselves. As Indipsi listened she realized what a unique experience she had gotten herself into. These pets came from a variety of locations, including Faerieland and Tyrannia and each was working there for a summer job. Yet despite their different backgrounds they all had things in common.

     Once the introductions had finished it was time to work. Indipsi waited patiently for her turn, observing the other acts in the meantime.

      "Hey, I'm Cort," a green Gelert introduced herself.

      "Nice to meet you," Indipsi said. "You do the acrobatic act?"

      "Yeah, that's right. Me and Pip. We've been doing this since we were puppies. How long have you been working as a clown?"

      "One day actually," Indipsi laughed.

      "Well, you've got to start somewhere," Cort reasoned.

     When Indipsi's time arose she felt jittery, but tried her best to push her nerves aside. The Lupe she had seen the night before was going to teach her the art of clowning. His name was Tar and he appeared to be very friendly.

     For her first lesson Indipsi learned how to master the swagger. It had to be just right so that she looked about ready to topple over and got the audience laughing.

     Once Indipsi had completed her swaggering activities they moved on to bigger things.

      "As a clown you must be able to tell a joke," Tarp instructed.

     Together the clowns shared jokes with one another and each polished up their presentations. For a beginner Indipsi was good and the ringmaster agreed to let her participate in the night's performance.

     It was six o'clock by the time rehearsal was finished and the show was scheduled to start at eight. Although the Neopets were already wearing their costumes they retreated to their dressing rooms to apply the neglected make-up and to have a bite to eat before they were due on stage.

     Indipsi had thought herself nervous during rehearsal, but that was nothing compared to what she felt lying on her bed waiting for the horn to sound, indicating the beginning of the circus.

     Suddenly there was a rap on the door and upon Indi's reply a red Zafara entered the room holding a bouquet of roses. "There were dropped off for you."

      "Thank you," Indipsi said, taking the flowers.

     After the Zafara had left Indi sat back down on her bed, holding the bouquet in her hooves. She carefully lifted the tag from amidst the leaves and read what was written on it: "Dearest Indi, all my luck on your special night. Love always, Charmed."

     Tears came to the Uni's large brown eyes, but she felt better just knowing that her owner was in the audience.

To be continued…

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