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Why We're Thankful For the Times

by yellowlabs765


Conceived by yellowlabs765, ridergirl333, precious_katuch14 and Erileen

NEOPIAN TIMES HQ - Ever since that day in January of 2000, The Neopian Times has been one of the primary sources of entertainment amongst Neopians. I have my own memories of reading the Times and chuckling at the comics that we read every week, or the short stories and articles that many owners have worked faithfully on. Maybe you, too, have your own Times memories. And maybe you’ve been there through the years blossom from just a small bunch of articles, stories and comics to the beautiful work of art it is today. But it’s not just the readers that are thankful that the Times is what it is today; the authors are too. We are thankful to have a place on Neopets where we can express ourselves and share our creativity with the rest of the world. And we’re also thankful that we have a good, strong source of entertainment that we can turn to if we want a laugh, a scare, or a piece of advice. So, for the big 150th anniversary, we’ve come together to tell why we’re thankful for the newspaper of Neopians, by Neopians and for Neopians...the Neopian Times.


I am thankful for the Neopian Times because I have found my inner muse through it. I know I am not the best writer but I do know that I am a better writer now than I used to be before. I learned how to make my imagination go wild and understand and grammar better. I have also met a lot of wonderful people through the Neopian Times. In the future, I am sure that I will never forget that I once wrote for a paper that is known worldwide. -ladyariel32

It's a little bit of insanity in an all-too-sane world. A bit of light in the shadows, hope for the hyperactive Halloween Ixi, really confused Meercas and discontented Lab Rats in each of us. (referring to Daine, RC and BRD, if no one caught the reference.) -Ridergirl333

The Neopian Times is a bit of a laughter for people all around the world...where else will you find beautiful description, exciting plots, and extremely well-drawn comics? I have found great friends through the Times, and have developed so much as a writer. The Times had given me a while new look on my writing. For that, I am grateful. ~Erileen

The Neopian Times has been a source of laughter and tears, happiness and anticipation, friends and friendly writers to seek help from. Honestly, it was like a passage to a magical realm of wonders, from annoyed Lupes, to white Weewoos, to the editorial that has served the curious Neopians well. I could never imagine a Neopia without the Neopian Times. -precious_katuch14

The Neopian Times has given me a chance to improve my writing and to experience being published in a fun and challenging way. -dancepixie100

I'm indebted to the Times because it helped me get noticed.... And if I didn't get noticed, I wouldn't have met all these great people, who I can seek solace in. chaos_jess

The Neopian Times has brought me wonderful friends and a never-ending source of enjoyment for almost all of my years at Neopia. I am thankful that it exists, but I am even more thankful to be a part of it. -Meowth4

For me, the Neopian Times is something to read, or write for when you need a bit of creativity in your life. The thrill of reading other people's writing and knowing that they read my own, is a feeling I wouldn't trade for anything. -Lunagirl52

It taught me what it's like being a celebrity, even if just in the eyes of a few people.
It taught me that "The" CAN be a part of a title.
It taught me that gimmicks=Neomail
It taught me that I publish, therefore I am. -Neo_tomi

It actually gives me some motivation to write stories.
I've met some great people because of it.
'Tis fun to read!
It has taught me that, in the words of Ridergirl, "Once in a White Weewoo, dreams can come true."

I like the Neopian Times because it has Weewoos in it. ...weewoooooo… -Laurensama

The Neopian Times gave me some of my best friends and a way to express the oodles of story ideas that clutter up my brain. That and it occupies my free time, which is a good thing as otherwise I'd be roaming the streets with a net and weewoo bait. And no one wants that. -child_dragon

It gave me some friends, this forum and a improving English vocabulary... I also know I can write. Actually... Before I found Neopets, I though I couldn't do anything. The Neopian Times has changed that. -Articuno_Neo

I'm thankful for the Neopian Times because it has encouraged and helped my with my writing...for that I'm eternally grateful. -tambourine_chimp

I'm thankful because until I discovered it, I never knew I could draw or write...
Until I discovered it, Neopia was a lonely place...
Until I discovered it, I was terrifyingly sane... -frostcrystal

The Neopian Times is a place where artists and writers can let out their creativity, and meet people like themselves.
The Times is fun to read.
The Times has pretty colours. -neo_star_queen

Why am I thankful for the times? It gives me a chance to give my work to the public, get a good 15 minutes of fame in, and improve with the help of other NT authors. This way, it also gives me a chance to make new friends. Being in the Neopian Times makes me feel like I'm a part of something special. -Holycow81

I am thankful for the Times because it has helped me to grow as a writer. I force myself to write better when I know that people are actually going to read my words, and I've learned a lot in that process of constantly striving to be the best I can be. I am also thankful that the Neopian Times has given me an audience - I can now share my work with literally millions of people, as opposed to the select few friends, family, and teachers. Many of these people have also helped me improve, and I am most grateful of all for having gotten the opportunity to meet them. -ember188

I'm thankful for the Times because it has the ability to bring people together, people who all have something in common: love for Stoneman3x.

- pooh_pooh_caca

It helped me meet tons of friends, practice my writing and learn how to review and edit my work, and writing pieces for it helped me procrastinate on my homework.


I'm thankful for the Times because it's the one place where I don't have to be thankful for anybody's support 'coz I did it by myself! Only me! MUAHAHA! - (A very modest) simsman24000

I'm thankful for the times because through writing and drawing I have been able to achieve what I felt I could never do. It has helped me enhance my writing skills, which in return, helps my grades. ;) -choclated

I'm thankful for the times because it allows me to display my creativity.


I'm thankful for the Times as it allows normal sane people to thrust their inner insanity onto others. Also, the N.T has allowed writers and authors to shelter from the hard reality which is life itself. With an opportunity to get away from all the people who use 'little' words and to venture into the enriched imagination of others. -plushieowner

I'm thankful of the NT because it taught me to love writing like it's my sibling.... or closer. Da neopain tymes taut me not 2 uze chatspeek. wuteva. The NT gives me hours of laughter. My brother and I always replay the Pet Patrol comics over and over, and we read funny articles together. I guess it brought me closer to him too.
It also taught me to never give up, but that's by the help of a couple NT author friends too. Also, the 'Times keeps my healthily insane. =D -lemmykoopa300

It makes me feel special and challenges me to improve. -rainbowface94

It teaches me new things everyday-- How to annoy the Faerie Queen, get revenge on the Turmaculus and lots of things I can do with dung! -playmobil_is_my_life

It gives me something else to do on Neopets! Even though I only read the comics! -minidela_me

The Neopian Times is the main source of literature in Neopia. Without it, I don't see myself on Neopets, nonetheless, the Internet at all. The Neopian Times is a source of excellent art in all forms demonstrated by very talented writers and artists found in everyday kids and people. Thanks to TNT, we have access to this brilliant feature that makes Neopian Literature what it is. -JinJolover

I'm thankful for the Neopian Times because it has made me realize my writing talent and has made me able to improve it a lot more. -ginger23456

I'm thankful for the Times because it allows the players of Neopets, young or old, shy or outgoing, to express themselves through articles, stories, and comics. It allows one to carve out their own little niche in Neopia, to share the stories and humor hatched in their minds with the rest of the user base, people with a common interest. -sharakh

I'm thankful for the Times because I get to read the work of others, and they can read mine. -yellowlabs765

Why am I thankful for the Times? The list goes on and on. Let's just say that it has touched and brought joy to millions of users on Neopets, and expanded their imaginations. There's something for everyone... hilarious comics, stories, and articles that make us fall off our chairs laughing. Series and short stories that touch our hearts and make tears roll down our cheeks. There's helpful information for everyone, whether they're looking for tips on restocking, games, or writing. The Times is one of the main things that makes Neopets great... it's an outlet for creativity and ideas created by users, for users. And not only that, it's helped so many people realize their talents! The Neopian Times has challenged hundreds of people to use their imaginations and write. Some of these people, having become stars on Neopets, will probably have their work actually published when they get older! The Times has brought these talented people together, so they can share ideas, express their creativity, and engage in general insanity. And finally, what would Neopets be like without the Times? A dreary place! Imagine a Neopia where users had no way to voice the stories they have created about them and their pets! Imagine a Neopia where all the hilarious jokes about Neopian life could never be shared! That, my friends, would be a NIGHTMARE Neopia. Thank you, Neopian Times. Thank you Snowflake, for being such a kind and patient editor. Thank you Adam and Donna, for creating this wonderland called Neopia. And happy Issue 150, everybody! -mrs_fluff

I am forever indebted to the Neopian Times. It inspires me every week (or two) to become a better writer and critic. It gives me hope because I know that the world is full of genius writers who are modest about their sanity (or insanity, of course). It allows me to have something to look forward to each and every week. It helps me get through tough days with it's wacky humor, tear-jerking stories, and action-packed adventures. It taught me that there are younger and better writers out there, and gives me a reason to challenge myself with every writing assignment I receive. It showed me how truly warm, kind, and generous a Snowflake is, despite the cold temperature. The Neopian Times gave me my talent, helped me improve it, and then allowed me the chance to show it to the world. - christinetran

I'm very grateful for the Neopian Times, it gave me a new set of eyes, a new way to look at the world. It taught me not to be afraid of being silly. It gave me new ideas, new ways to write, to express myself. I humble myself every week, when I read all these great stories , coming from potential authors -who knows, maybe best selling authors-. And it fuels my burning desire to better myself, to season myself as a writer. Thank you for making me want to become a better writer!

The Neopian Times, it takes us to a fantasy world, where anything can happen. A world in which anyone can make a difference, a world where even the smallest neopet can do big things. It takes us to places, where once the darkness reigned, was extinguished by the light. To places where memorable characters were born, as silly as they were , we loved them for that silliness and for making us laugh. Thank you Neopian Times for expanding our minds, thank you for filling this generation with the love of words and imagination, thank you for inspiring future best selling authors and artists. Thank you for inspiring the persevering of literature. dragonfate

Well, I am thankful for the Times because it taught me how to properly insult an green evil genius trying to take over Neopia. I am also thankful for the NT because it taught me how to become a better writer. It was one of the best teachers and experiences that I am so lucky to be blessed by. It has taught me so much and I've learned a lot. I look forward to learning so much more about myself and how to develop further as a writer. Lastly, I am thankful for the Times because it taught me to dream big, never give up and to always conquer your dreams. -roxycaligirl101

Although many people not know me, and may not realize it, but I'm practicing to become a writer! Not only does the writing of others help me write my own pieces, but I can write stories for the Times and feel like I've written a novel. It's fun to feel famous! -erika04221993

The Neopian Times gave me a creative output for my creativity and it helped me to develop a talent that quite a few people are jealous of ^_^; Also it helps vent my hyperness and overactive imagination! -^_^- When people send me letters of appreciation, it makes me happy to know that people can relate to my comics and stories. It is especially gratifying to see someone look up to you for inspiration and then work hard to achieve a dream, its even better when they make it! You also make so many friends and get to know them, not just by talking to them, but by reading their works. And that is why I am thankful for the Times. -Random_Joy

And a word from Snowflake herself…

I am thankful for the Neopian Times because it showed me how many talented young people there are. Too often I’ve been amazed at the tremendous talent I have seen. Brilliant stories, creative articles, hilarious comics, and amazing art skills. It also gives users a chance to share their talents with millions of other users. There aren't too many places you can do that at.

These are just a few of the many artists and writers that have made the NT what it is today. We, including you, all have a reason to be thankful, whether it be that you like the Times for enjoyment or that you appreciate all the work that goes into it. And yes, though some of the Times’ greatest legends are silencing their pens, it is mostly you, the reader, that has supported the Times through these four years. And, someday, with your help, this paper will be grow to be bigger and more beautiful, because without the reader, there is no Times. On behalf of the Neopian Times and all Neopian Times authors and artists, this is yellowlabs765, wishing you a happy 150th. (150 down, many more to go!)

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