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Short Stories

A Baking Disaster

"How about we bake something?" Sugar suggested brightly. "Icy loves Strawberry Shimmer Cake, right? Why don't we make it to surprise her?"

by _icypanther_

From Rags to Riches: Fyora's Story

"As you know, I am an orphan also, so there is no heir to the throne. That means I must choose the next queen. Someone who has dignity and and grace, and most of all, determination."

by gpigluv

Love You Like a Sister…

Her owner was going broke, and running out of food. Heather, who was Seana's owner, decided it was time to give a talk to Seana…

by tennisblondie16

Private Battle

Kairi knew that she had forked out quite a lot of Neopoints to pay for the robe, but in her eyes, it was worth it. Kairi had versed her fellow Neopet, Jarah, so many times in the Battledome, and not won a single match.

by hottie_with_a_bang

The Charlie Chronicles: Departure From Mystery Island

I'm being forced to move to the high crime rate and polluted city of Neopian Central. We're both leaving behind our beautiful island paradise for a small dormitory and a room at the crazy farm.

by roxycaligirl101

The Day When Nobody Wrote

The hand in which she had been holding her pen seconds ago was nothing but a clenched fist. There was no pen at all.

by imogenweasley

The Great Kau Caper

"I will give you little Kaus one more chance. Either have the points by midnight tomorrow or you three will be Beef and Meathook's new punching bags."

by bitsy_dj

The Yurble Next Door

"She's absolutely crazy about that new pet. I wouldn't be surprised if she even adopted one of those Herbals, or Gurgles, or whatever they're called."

by violinoutoftune

Where Were You?

What had happened to those days of peace? What happened to the kingdom, whole and undivided? It had broken into two clean halves.

by ridergirl333

Who Needs a Royal Paint Brush?

Something caught her eye. The Brown Uni perked up, and gazed at the most beautiful item she'd ever seen....

by 3dcourtney12044

Wings of Change

"If I was an owner, I'd still never be as horrible as you," she barked while spinning around and storming off. Leaving a more perplexed Joey to stare dumbfounded at his owner.

by unrequitedxangel

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"The Day When Nobody Wrote" by imogenweasley

"I'm nothing but a hopeless case of a writer wannabe."...

Other Stories


What's in Style
Neopets has gone through many fashions over the years. However, most owners just buy a bunch of clothes that don't even MATCH and throw it onto their pets! Isn't it horrible?

by margaret913w


More to Mr. Monotony?
You can't resist. That's why, two hours later, you're still sitting by the Wheel of Monotony, wondering if that 100 Neopoints you gave up was worth it. Eventually, the spinner stops.

by ___yuna


SQUAD Squadron: First Mission -- Part One
As the Chef was ushered into Mumbo Pango's hut, absolute terror filled every bone in the Flotsam's body. He had only been inside the huge hut once before, when he sought refuge from his destroyed Maraqua home, but it still hadn't changed...

by cosmicfire918


Daughter of a Star: Part One
Jane walked into her bedroom and flopped onto her bed. She reached under her pillow and removed a tiny photograph of her and Amy the day Amy adopted her from the pound...

by shadih_temporary


Really Confused
"About Mutant Day"

by stoneman3x


Wishful Thinking
Breaking the Wall...

by barbcat00

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