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Short Stories

A Day NOT to Remember!

Candy was lounging about on the grass, Eylora was upstairs having a temper tantrum, also an ailment of the uncomfortable hot weather, and Jenniola was out somewhere, where she was no one knew.

by ginger23456

A Night at the No Vacancy Motel

Rain fell from the star-strewn sky, coming down in cascades like a Neopet who drank way too much NeoCola and hurried to the bathroom to... spit in the sink.

by too_kule

Almost Perfect

Miffle Lane was the perfect neighborhood, or so it seemed because no one could find anything wrong with it.

by saneeya1000

Skull Chambers Treasure

"‘Tis a place full of booby traps and sorts. I wouldn't venture too far away in this 'ere chamber of doom."

by cruzerchic123

The History of Ex-Agent Derek Sonix

Both were yellow, wore the sleek silver uniforms of master engineers, and had, naturally, six ears, being Alien Aishas themselves.

by appaloosa500

The Origins Of: The Pant Devil

One such person presided in the Haunted Woods, where he sulked among the dark, gnarled trees, ready to pounce upon a poor unfortunate soul and relieve them of their load.

by tambourine_chimp

The Slorg Named Speedy

It was the twenty-fifth day of the month of Hiding when Tweetie, my starry Pteri, was flying down Scenic Drive in Meridell.

by playmobil_is_my_life

The Timegate

A string of tension ran through the kingdom, pulled so taut that if you plucked it, you expected it to hear ping.

by ridergirl333

The Woes of Losing a Tooth

It was dinner time and in a small Neohome on a hill in the countryside of Neopia a baby Uni sat down to dinner across the table from her owner.

by charmedhorses

Under the Poplar Tree

On either side, a plain, post-and-rail fence ran the length of the lane. I sighed and learned up against it, panting from the long walk and coughing from the dust that kicked up every time I stepped.

by erileen

Zapped: Stats

The feeling itself was so incredible! Rayd had never felt happier in his life, as he flew through the daytime sky, and gazed down upon the land of Neopia.

by blubblub317

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Hey, Good-Lookin'

In order to make these people happy so I can clear out the backlog in my Neomail box, I will attempt to explain an important key to developing YOUR OWN PETS as characters for a story. And here is the key...

Other Stories


100 Reasons Why We Love Snowflake
Blub's the suck-up. Rider's just here for the jokes.

by ridergirl333


Looks ARE Everything
Sarcastic, smart, strong, super sleuth strawberry... you still wanna read this article?

by stoneman3x


The Haunted Woods Secret: Part One
The large creature rose its shadowy head above the dark and dreary trees of the yet to be discovered Haunted Woods. The Lupe and his Kacheek buddy ran as fast as they could through the rough forest, tripping over fallen trees and becoming tangled in vines.

by meowth4


Statues Of Kings and Evil Faeries Are Definite No-No's In Roo Island: Part One
"Ah," King Roo began, "but it is. You deserve it for the extravagant meal you prepared me. And since it is Roo Island Day, I'm feeling a little generous."

by blubblub317


My Life with a Teenage Noobie
What a silly teenage newb-- I mean, noobie.

by rainbowface94


Monotonous Meaninglessness
Meaninglessness... what a long word.

by eviltim34

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