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New Series

A Mind in the Moonlight: Part One

"Well, they say if you go to Edna's cas-er, palace, and drink one of her potions… They say it turns you into a Faerie pet."

by costa_rican_girl

Logic And Circumstance: Part One

"Detective? Please," she sniffed artistically for good measure. "I need your help."

by appaloosa500

The Scarab Tree: Part One

"The sandstorm's about to hit," Sosta said casually. "Looks like it's gonna be a big one. You should gather your fruit soon."

by amberttttt

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"Second to None" by lemonkitty13

I am not simply a monster, I am the last creature you would ever want to meet...

Other Stories


Neo-Pointless: A Trip To The Tooth Faerie
Why does no one ever see the Tooth Faerie, you ask?

by 1_spirit


Cleaning the Closet
"We'll clean it! We'll clean it!" exclaimed Sugar, eyes widening in horror. Like it or not, the strawberry Moehog was addicted to sugar and sweets and the idea of not having them for two days was unthinkable.

by _icypanther_


Escape To Kreludor: The Guide
As a fairly new game to Neopia, Escape to Kreludor is actually a nice challenging puzzle game.

by acdc83


The Life of Faeries
Faeries have it made, right? Their popularity is extremely good, they have no worries, they have their own items, avatars, shopkeepers, magazines, everything.

by xxevilkittyxx


186201 Wishing Well Drive
Have you seen my Honey Potion?

by iamdrawerladii


Deviled Delight

by silverqueengalaxia

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