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The Life of Faeries
Faeries have it made, right? Their popularity is extremely good, they have no worries, they have their own items, avatars, shopkeepers, magazines, everything.

by xxevilkittyxx


Of Lights from Within: Part Four
Maddi knew that he had to be noiseless for the rest of his time here. So with nothing else to do, Maddi silently paced to his deprived looking bed and plopped down onto it, tears swiftly sliding down his cheeks.

by chocolateisamust


The Strange Adventures of a Strange Poogle
Not exactly the right skin tone...

by korbatbaby12


Second to None
Yes, I am the infamous thief herself. Even those who say they have seen me have, in fact, not; they saw, perhaps, my emotionless yellow eyes, like lanterns in the nighttime.

by lemonkitty13


Rock Pool Rascals
Veggan's Vex

by leptonychotes

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