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What were the exact results for the Kougra vote?
We had a total of 125,175 votes (thanks again!). This is how the Kougras scored.

Kougra 2: 59,275
Kougra 4: 28,502
Kougra 1: 11,953
Kougra 6: 9,880
Kougra 5: 8,612
Kougra 3: 6,953

Apparently there is a rumour flying about that Draiks will be retired soon so you won't be able to create them any more. It's caused the morphing and transmog potions to double in price to over 2.2 mil!
Wow! That is 100% not true at all. It is just some people trying to drive up the prices of their items. If any news like that was to happen you would be notified on the New Features page as soon as we knew about it. We do not plan to retire any species, if anything we will released more of the limited/restricted ones.

You mentioned the Pteri is a battledome challenger. I sat for two minutes waiting for Neopets to come back up, and I was refresh every 15 seconds and I still didn't get him as a challenger. I just wanted to know if it worked. - Donaers_anonymus2116
The Pteri is a challenger, but he is only unlocked through a random event.

As a Blumaroo fan, I was disappointed to find that the deckswabber avatar is really hard to get. Could you make an easier one for the avid fans of the blumaroo breed? - Swirlylhasa
There are already many Blumaroo themed avatars which is why we released a harder to get one. There are Count Von Roo, Dice-A-Roo, Court Jester and Weakling avatars all featuring Blumaroos.

Is it possible to add a feature to the 'Send Item to Neofriend' thing? Like having an option of sending a message with it? -Roxy5805
I could see how that could be a nice thing to add, but you could also send a neomail. I will see if we can add this.

Will you please update the lupe shopkeepers to their new look? I LOVE lupes, but I wish they looked like they do now because they have such a cool new look. Pleeeeeeeeease? - Aquastar124
The Lupe shopkeepers are due to be updated this week. Sorry it took so long for us to get round to it.

If you paint your pet royal, can you decide if you want it to be male or female royal, or is it painted the gender it already is? - Moql197
It will automatically change into your Neopet's gender.

Nope. Well it doesn't give you any NP or items, and isn't an official code although it does succeed in annoying lots of people :(

I noticed that the Neopets Staff Tournament had only finished to round two. Do you think that that tournament could be finished soon? - Bricrews
Yup, I will find out what the hold up is and get them to hurry up and finish!

It most recently struck me that the available trade lots to offer on do not have timers! Do you think you could add a timer to all the trade lots showing how long it has been since they were made? - Accentmatt90
Good question, I will try to find out.

At Tombola, one of the booby prizes is the Dandelion and Burdock drink. --What is Burdock? I don't recall seeing it anywhere else on the site. Is it the only Burdock item? - Kariberry365
Burdock is a plant that is used as flavouring in some odd English fizzy drink. We added it as a joke as every tombola in the UK seems to have a can or bottle of Dandelion and Burdock as one of the prizes. It is the only item with any Burdock in.

So far we are able to defend damage in the battledome as well as reflect it back to out opponent, but will we ever be able to "absorb" icons in the battledome (and take that damage to heal us)? - japan2
I am not sure on this, will ask our resident Battledome guru.

I had an auction and when it was over Tnpt said it vanished! I Didnt get anything back. Nothing. Can you make it so that if anything vanishes from auctions that you get SOMETHING back? I lost 28,500 nps from that "vanishing act" that my item did. - Aanna1
I had a few comments like this. If this has happened to you, please fill out a Bug Report with as many details as you can so we can find out what is happening and fix it.

Could we PLEASE have some more Taelia stuff? Its not fair that all the other faeries have all kinds of stuff and all she has is a little globe! - Jackwest1
Taelia will have a lot more things later in the year, including her own theme day. Rest assured she will not be left out for long!

How many times can you use a paint brush, or are they 'endless'? Does it dissapear in a puff of colored smoke like books do? - Silverwolfofdarkness
Each paint brush is one use, as soon as you paint your Neopet the brush vanishes.

Updates from previous week's questions

  • We have added more options to choose from for your interests in your user look up.
  • To view how many pets are painted a certain colour would be a huge query and would be very taxing on our databases. This is not something we will be adding right now.
  • We are still trying to work out a way to make it so you will be able to play with/eat Tiki Tack items.
  • At the moment we cannot make it so the Neopian Times is readable when the site is down for maintenance, but we are trying to figure this out.
  • A place to add nicknames is going to be added to your Neofriends list shortly.
  • The 'Give to Neofriend' list has been changed to alphabetical order.

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