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Continued Series

A Tale of Old: Part Two

The guardians surely could not stand one thousand soldiers, no matter how strong they might be. He would get revenge.

by thecougar400

A Walk in Anothers Paws: Part Two

Just thinking back to the conversation I had heard from this yesterday made my fur bristle. I decided to give them all the cold shoulder today, so that they would finally realize what an important person I was and that I demanded respect.

by gracalyn

Birthday Banditry: Part Six

Not a moment too soon. A group of baby Neopets walked in with Usukis in hand…paw…hoof… whatever and headed to the bandit's and fighter's right.

by apollo_lunar

Darkness Binding 2: Part Three

"Well what do you suggest we do? It’s not like I’m going to just sit here and wait for morning. Who knows what else its doing in there. Others stay in that building."

by nomad2

Hunt for Cadima: Part Four

"I can't believe you!" Melissa cried through tears. "You monster! What have you done to my little sister?!"

by cruzerchic123

Of Lights from Within: Part Three

The faerie nodded. "Yes, danger. You and all of your family. Oh my, your family! Where are they? You're too young to be way up here in Faerieland all alone!"

by blubblub317

Pishicu and the Wisdom Council: Part Six

A thought struck Pishicu; Terskun had said the headquarters for the Wisdom Council were in Faerie Castle. "The Wisdom Council! Are you on the Wisdom Council?"

by chipster33

The Haunted Woods Secret: Part Five

"I think it all started when we broke the seal spell. Since you were the first one to touch the amulet, you were the one who got its powers," he explained. Daton held the Amulet of Dreams up to her face.

by meowth4

The Nameless Warrior: Part Two

"Jhudora's quests can be found by the Shop Wizard! Why did you have to steal? Who are you? Have any family? Who's your owner?"

by moonlit_danaa

The Rainbow Pearls: Part Four

"First, stop trying to melt the lock 'cause it isn't going to happen anytime soon. Second, I'm going to try something to get out my prison."

by einstein20

The Sky is the Limit: Part Two

"What's that my boy? Nonsense! Well, what are we waiting for? You've got a class to teach! Get in that airplane and show them what you can do!"

by tolkienlordofthering

Windstorm: Part Seven

"Scrap destiny!" interjected Dayne, "I mean, come on! Alyssa, you can blast fire at her!"

by sara_mossflower

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