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Continued Series

Al Tastes Revenge: Part Three

“I am Alexander T. Chia.” He stated, in a shaky but firm voice. “Party of two.”

by al_the_chia

Birthday Banditry: Part Two

It was an ordinary meeting for the Confection Culprits. Redshadow was having a staring showdown with Smirktooth, 2-1, Redshadow in the lead.

by apollo_lunar

Eternal Spirit: Part Two

I looked around…it was like a dream city, out of storybooks Mama had read me when I was younger than little Katia.

by erileen

Immortal: Part Three

If I had just one more wish, it’d be that I’d had been able to make that first wish, in spite of what followed... For just one person can make it all worthwhile...

by random_joy

Maraquan Madness: Part Five

Druinnan wondered vaguely how the Uni had gotten down to the village, since she was obviously not a local, but he brushed the thought away as the Uni was carried into a small tent.

by sirussblack

Mystery of the Neolodge: Part Five

Wiseguy was holding a slice of Megapepper pizza in midair that never made it to his plate and TigerWing somehow forgot how to swallow the water in her beak.

by playmobil_is_my_life

Pishicu and the Wisdom Council: Part Two

"Apparently the owner you sent me to preferred neopoints and a couple of paintbrushes rather than a life. But no matter, I'm fine here," the Draik remarked as he sat on his bed.

by chipster33

The Case of the Wand That Wasn't: Part Four

I’ve never seen anyone find an excuse to move away from me than Sammy did to put the Puppyblews back into their kennels.

by tambourine_chimp

The Techo Mountain Excavation: Part Seven

The trio hardly noticed Jhuidah’s mood as they split up and searched the clearing for any sign of Angel or Dr. Brier. The entire clearing wasn’t very large; just a small circle of trees and a worn down path where Neopets lined up at the massive pot.

by resurrectedwarrior

Windstorm: Part Three

Then I realized. There was a gentle breeze ruffling my fur – strange that I could feel it in a dream world such as this. I was standing exactly where I’d been before, and began to pivot on my foot involuntarily.

by sara_mossflower

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"The Slorg Named Speedy" by playmobil_is_my_life

It was the twenty-fifth day of the month of Hiding when Tweetie, my starry Pteri, was flying down Scenic Drive...

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