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The Importance of Educating Your Neopet

by charmedhorses


STUDY ROOM - An education is priceless. Well, that may not be quite true, but it's value certainly is. Who can sum up the price of knowing your multiplication table and being able to name the creators of Neopets? Such things bring joy to one's life for years and years, much too long to be counted in Neopoints. An education is treasured always, and a treasure I would highly recommend you share with your Neopet.

Why It's Important

An education is a critical gift that may cost a pretty penny at first glance, but is priceless when you count all the ways in which it will aid your Neopet. Books and life experience are both gems in the grand scheme of things.

This summer I took my Uni and Lupe on a trip to the Lost Desert, where I intended to teach them a bit of history. Little did I know that they would be the one's teaching me. It turns out that all those historical books I bought them and insisted they read (Pazo the Lonely Aisha among the many), had actually rubbed some knowledge off on my dear Neopets. I was stunned by their desert smarts and pleased by the interest they took in these famous landmarks.

You see, if your Neopet has had access to information regarding the many worlds of Neopia, doors inside their mind will begin to open and curiosity will slowly creep through. As their interest in world affairs grows you and your Neopet will be able to share wonderful experiences together and travel to many exotic places. Information gained through these travels will then continue to add to your Neopet's intelligence.

However, your Neopet's interest in their world goes beyond seeing interesting landmarks. Neopia is a vast territory and likewise filled with a variety of Neopets. As may be expected, these Neopets have different views on what goes on in Neopia. It is important for your Neopet to use the knowledge they have gained to help settle different views that are likely to cause problems or to help educate other Neopets who are not as privileged. I believe that our Neopets should be educated if our civilization is ever to advance.

How To Teach Them

Actually teaching your Neopet is not always as easy as one might think. I assume all of you have had run-ins with your Neopets before, little arguments every now and then. Well, unless your Neopet is dying to get their paws/flippers/hooves/other on a book, you may have some difficulty. Imagine this:

Targ is a green Elephante who loves to read comic books. And frankly, who can blame him? But one day while he is reclining in his bean bag chair and reading his newest comics, his owner suggests he read about the history of Neopia instead and proceeds to present him with a book she just happened to have come across. Not so surprisingly Targ is not thrilled about this idea and says he'd rather do it later. His owner goes on to say that he'd better not put it off too long and Targ takes this as an insult. Perhaps needless to say, an argument ensues, ending with Targ stepping on the book in question. (Thus flattening it.) Obviously this is not how one would like the situation to be handled.

Personally, I think that Targ's owner had good intentions, but the way in which she presented him the book was not the best. If you're looking for the prime opportunity I would suggest waiting until your Neopet comes to you, bored and in search of a time consumer. Then you can casually say something like, "As a matter of fact, I have this fascinating book about ancient Neopia…" and go on to suggest that if they'd like to take a look at it you could pull it out for them. This way your Neopet makes their own decision to read the book.

Now, more on what not to do. Don't bribe your Neopet into studying with sweet or the promise of a new tow. Learning should be exciting and interesting, not a dull task done quickly in order to obtain a reward.

What To Teach Them

What to teach your Neopet appears to be the biggest problem after how to teach them. Really the answer lies in what you and your Neopet old to be of value, but I suggest providing them with a little bit of everything.

Neopia is a world like any other and requires knowledge of every aspect- historical, mathematical, environmental, etc. Though having a few experts in each subject is good, I believe that having a population of well-rounded citizens is excellent and better for the world long term. There are many ways to go about this such as traveling and reading, but be sure to cover the points most relevant. How do you decide this? That's a good question. Within each subject there will be obvious focal points. If you are overwhelmed by the sheer number, pick a few that interest your Neopet and go from there. If your Neopet has a special fondness for one subject in particular, try spending a little extra time on that one so that they're doing something they enjoy.

Important to remember is that your Neopet can only handle so much. Do not try to push them into doing more than they can deal with, but at the same time don't let them slack off. Finding a comfortable medium between the two would be ideal.

Another thing to take into account is that trying to act as your Neopet's teacher can lead to a stressful situation at Neohome. While stories tell of Neopets returning from Neoschool and complaining to their owners about their teacher, if you are their teacher the frustration will be directed toward you, not another person. This said, do what you feel is best for you and your Neopet. If you decide to teach them yourself be careful and fair.

In The End It's Worth It

Although convincing your Neopet to take time out of their fun filled days in order to study may prove difficult, the outcome will be well worth it. The knowledge that your Neopet has gained will not only further its own future, but also those of Neopets they come into contact with.

The inhabitants of Neopia form a circle that intertwines the actions of everyone in it. If one makes a discovery it affects them all and with this in mind your Neopet has a chance to help a great deal of others. However, don't expect them to change the world right away. Some things take time. For instance, if your Neopet becomes a doctor or a nurse, they may heal Neopets that are so inspired by their idols that they decide to pursue careers in medicine as well. Once they become doctors or nurses (or whatever they so desire), they may then inspire others to do the same. This chain goes on and the increase of medical workers provides more care for sick Neopets, thus affecting the world of Neopia in a very big way. Whatever career your Neopet chooses to go into, they are bound to have some affect on society.

Not only will an educated Neopet make other Neopets' lives better, it will also provide the Neopet with a way of earning Neopoints and buying the items necessary for their survival.

It is true that giving your Neopet the opportunity to learn and thrive can be expensive, but you must keep in mind that in the end it is worth it. Watching your Neopet grow and advance is a wonderful and rewarding experience. With each passing day you can see how they progress. There are bound to be minor blocks in the path of learning, but the outcome is well worth it.

Author's Note: Feel free to Neomail me with your thoughts! I hope you all will take the time and Neopoints to educate your Neopet!

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