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Your questions answered!

Read the answers to the most commonly asked Neopets questions this week in the Editorial section. Each week the most popular questions will be answered by one of the creators of Neopets, so keep checking back to stay updated.

Quote of the Week

Christmas morning had arrived, and Walda the Baby Kacheek felt a rush of excitement when she dashed down the stairs and saw presents with her name on them. Her sisters were sitting on the couch, drinking hot chocolate and eagerly waiting for her to open them. She grabbed the first box and ripped off the shiny wrapping paper.

Happy Valley and the Winter Starlight Celebration

It is that wonderful time of the Neopian year, the month of Celebrating. The time where you can revel in all things festive and be involved in the Winter Starlight Celebration. Every year, in the month of Celebrating, Happy Valley is the place to be!! Start off the month by doing the rounds of the local shops and attractions and make the most of this year's celebrations. To get your pets in the mood you can visit the Merry Outfit Shop and view how your pet would look painted by the Christmas Paint Brush. The very nice part of this customisation is you will get some very snazzy seasonal clothes as well as the colour change. The next stop should be the Wintery Petpets shop and find an adorable petpet to go with your pets new seasonal look.

10 Festive Items to Get You in the Christmas Spirit

It’s that time of year again. The snow is finally falling again, the Advent Calendar has given out tons of delightful gifts, and carols ring throughout the air. Yes, that’s right—Christmas is approaching! The beginning of winter is delightful; there’s plenty of laughter, cheer, and cordiality in the atmosphere, and, for at least some Neopians, that’s not even the best part. There’s Christmas to look forward to! The holiday is famous not only for the practice of gifting, but also because it’s a perfect day to relax and catch up with your family and friends over some hot chocolate and the sound of children laughing and delighting over their new gifts. Whether you want to go all-out or just want to go for a more subtle, minimalistic approach...

85 Things to do this Winter Season

The snow is falling, temperatures are dropping, and there’s a spirit of celebration in the year. That’s right, it’s wintertime! A time for relaxing, giving, and celebrating with friends and family. In celebration of the 850th issue of the Neopian Times, l am going over 85 things to do this winter season.

Other Stories
"A Rink Runner's Tale" by unfogging
It was a cold day in Happy Valley, not unlike many others this time of year. A layer of sparkly white snow covered the ground. Snowflakes flittered in the soft breeze and landed gently on the ground. The sky was a deep grey. It seemed like any other day, but with one small difference: It was time for the annual Rink Runner competition The annual Rink Runner competition took place every year during the Month of Giving. It brought together Bruces from all over Neopia for a day of spirited competition. The rules of Rink Runner were seemingly simple: keep your singing in tune while you skate. And it was simple. That is, until the holes in the ice begin to show. What made Rink Runner difficult was that during the performances, random holes in the rink would show up. The objective is to be able to skate around them and still keep your tune. But the more holes that show up, the harder it is to skate around them. The game is over when the Bruce falls through the ice. Whoever lasted the longest before falling through the ice would be the winner. The winner received the elusive Ice Cup, a sparkling, tall silver trophy.

"The True Meaning of the Holiday Season" by _brainchild_
Christmas morning had arrived, and Walda the Baby Kacheek felt a rush of excitement when she dashed down the stairs and saw presents with her name on them. Her sisters were sitting on the couch, drinking hot chocolate and eagerly waiting for her to open them. She grabbed the first box and ripped off the shiny wrapping paper. A stunning, wide-eyed doll was staring back at her. However, Walda still managed a frown. “This is the WRONG ONE!” she yelled grumpily. “I already HAVE this one!” “Then we’ll return it and get the right one,” suggested Chessella, her older sister. Walda wasn’t listening; her attention was already focused on the next present. She opened the box and started whining again. “These crayons aren’t GLITTER crayons!” she complained. “I asked for GLITTER!”Another sister, Chessangie, nudged Chessella. “Why’d you get her all the wrong gifts?” the former asked. “I can’t read her writing! She’s so young that she’s still learning how to write!” “Stop being a brat,” grumbled Maldice, Walda’s other sister. Walda had no time for reprimands. She tore open another box and found a bag of sugary gumdrops instead. “I WANTED CHOCOLATE! WAAAHHH!”

"A World Of Grandiose Creature" by luuuvmebabe
Our lovely planet of Neopia was formed thousands of years ago. The deepest history we have been able to obtain shows that the planet was once covered in a toxic gas. A monstrous man from outer space, later to be known as Dr. Sloth, landed on the barren planet. He spent his time exploring it, searching for any form of life, and was not able to find any. He eventually concluded that this would be the perfect place for him to start a research base, a place where he could follow through with all his nefarious plots. It was so uninhabitable that no one would ever discover him here. It's still unknown who he was hiding from back in those beyond ancient times, but there was a force he had to avoid. He began building up things on the planet, creating monsters that could withstand the horrible fog and desolate conditions. He had a plan to enslave them and use them to conquer other planets he may come across. This was his golden opportunity and he wasn't going to let it slip through his fingers.After some time though, something began to change in the environment. A striking golden sunlight broke through the fog and immediately a patch of grass and flowers sprouted. The sun's rays had an instant effect on the planet, leading to much concern for Dr. Sloth.

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