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Your questions answered!

Read the answers to the most commonly asked Neopets questions this week in the Editorial section. Each week the most popular questions will be answered by one of the creators of Neopets, so keep checking back to stay updated.

Quote of the Week

"In this corner, a carefully planned takeover with high-grade blaster supplies and probably trained warriors. In the other corner, a kid with a mop. And you didn't bring your mop."

Poetry Contest Advice

What I will give you are little tidbits I've picked up from both other people, and from entering well over 100 poems myself. Short, sweet, and to the point: Write what you like, rhyme, don't rhyme, read it out loud to make sure it sounds nice, and enter it! Read! To get ideas, simply read other people's poems...

Getting Published

In the back of your mind you always knew that the shiny golden quill would make a much-welcomed addition to your collection. You long for your work to be published in the Neopian Times, where your talent can be displayed for the whole of Neopia to see. But why haven't you gotten your shot at literary fame...

The Deserted Tomb

There is one question that I'm sure many Neopians, young and old alike, have pondered for quite some time: what is the Mystery of Mystery Island? Only the natives know the answer to this question. It's probably best not to ask, though, since you are, most likely, a visitor. Many pets have come up with their own answers to this age-old question...

Other Stories
"Friday: 196 Dubloons Left" by vanquishee
All the little Krawk Island critters were getting anxious and excited to begin the day. The atmosphere of the shop was buzzing with an array of petpets either happily chirping nonsense to each other, nibbling on food, or oddly enough, swabbing up left over debris from the previous day. The majority of the petpets in this store...

"Commodore Rigney Birkin and the Lava Tunnel Pirates" by pillsi
Your stories of daring adventures and races from gigantic monsters seemed incomparable and provided you the fame and recognition you thoroughly believe you have deserved since childhood. This changed for you, however, one afternoon as you strolled through Moltara...

"The Great Playpen Escape" by nikibogwater
Martha would not stand for this injustice. It was maltreatment! Cruel and unusual punishment! A violation of Code-- "I'm really sorry," Ginger pleaded with her baby sister through the mesh of her playpen. "But I really have to finish this research report. I'll play with you as soon as I'm done, okay?"

For Old Times' Sake

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