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Your questions answered!

Read the answers to the most commonly asked Neopets questions this week in the Editorial section. Each week the most popular questions will be answered by one of the creators of Neopets, so keep checking back to stay updated.

Quote of the Week

Your time has come! You are meant to save Neopia by becoming a triple avatar pet, and helping all Neopians reach their avatar goals!

Sticks N' Stones

First, some information about the band. Sticks N' Stones made their first concert hall appearance on March 29, 2001. The band consists of four members: Blumaroo Axle Roo on vocals, Nimmo Sludge on lead guitar, Lupe Gruff on bass guitar, and Grarrl Grizley on drums. These four together make up Sticks N' Stones! Here is an account of how our interview went...

The Top Chefs

Neopia's lands have many different and unique cuisines, each with their own qualities, strengths and weaknesses. Whilst many Neopians have attempted to recreate these different cuisines by their own means, the masters of these cuisines are often undisputed in Neopia. They have all gone under years of training from their old masters, and have had...

Acara Pride: The Top 5!

There's no questioning the love for the Acara population. Many Acaras have made their mark on Neopian history which has shaped and sculptured the way modern Neopia exists today. From the good to the bad, there's no limit on who to admire or who to fear; certainly no shortages of heroes and heroines, villains and criminals, in the Acara species. There are hundreds of famous...

Other Stories
"The Spardel Who Came to Be" by puppy_girl252
Skylar walked, her eyes bright with determination, into the Neopia Central Petpet Shop. She looked at every petpet there, searching frantically for the perfect one. Every day she came, just hoping and dreaming that one day she would have a petpet of her own. The first cage held a Snorkle. He squealed at the sight of her, happy that maybe he'd be getting adopted...

"The Tundra Prison" by necromancexdance
If you are reading this, it means that my plan has worked. I am a Uni that lives high up in the mountains of Terror Mountain. Though I do not know you, I would be eternally grateful if you and a search party might hike up to the cave on the far west side of the mountain and bring me down with you. I long to see what you see, and explore the world freely as you do. I would...

"Fashion Fever - That Horrible Disease" by weepingwillowy
All of the clothes at Unis Clothing Shop had been either sold or were plain icky. The Uni at the register had promised that the shop would restock soon and every eight times an hour, but Akariella was impatient. Stalking past a row of shops, she turned quickly on her heel and suddenly stopped, shocked to find a glamorous shop in front of her eyes. It had seemed...

A Golden Tradition

This week's issue is brought to you by: The Wishing Well
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