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Short Stories

The Ghost Story Challenge

“Egads, it lives!” Also by homsar_eggplant

by parody_ham
Halloween at the Haunted Woods!

Donna the Usuki Usul received a flyer trying to entice her to go to the Haunted woods this Halloween for a SPOOKTACULAR time!

by zed16
Sophie and the Backwoods

Sophie (infamously Sophie the Swamp Witch) was bored...

by _polonius_
Three Easy Steps to Being a Witch

Penny the Korbat is determined to become a real witch!

by rielcz

Vlad the silver Draik receives a startling quest from the Brain Tree!

by cookiez101

I once was burlap, nothing grand. From that nothing, I was planned...

by miraday
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"Sophie and the Backwoods" by _polonius_
Sophie shook the bottle a little too hard and some of the purple liquid splashed out on the wood floor. Her meowclops Teddy licked at the spot obnoxiously and his tongue turned polka dotted. Sophie sighed and made a note in her spellbook. Sophie (infamously Sophie the Swamp Witch) was bored. She had been living in her shack alone since she was just a small Ixi, brought to Ilere the Earth Faerie by her brother Reginald when things in Neovia had spiralled out of control. Potions had been taken, lives were ruined … all except Sophie’s. Well, her life was inexorably changed. The only safe place for her had been away with Ilere. Except, of course, that in the end Ilere had...

Other Stories


Spooky Rarities: Unconverted Petpets
Explore spooky unconverted petpets with Chessangie the Royalgirl Draik, Chessella the Pastel Draik, Walda the Baby Kacheek, and Christine, their owner!

by _brainchild_


Halloween Special - Haunted Woods Notable Characters
Happy Halloween, Neopia!

by xlorally


Brothers in Stars
The mission begins! And things don't exactly go as planned...

by precious_katuch14


Maeryc and the Wish-Granter's Code: Epilogue
The Maeryc and the Wish-Granters Code series wraps up with this epilogue!

by dewdropzz


When you've been on one too many misadventures...

by gravecupcake


Quest Issues
Are you sure you don't need help with anything else... Collab with quigglebaby

by eggfruit

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