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Short Stories

Splash into Lutari Island!

Learn all about some stories and culture of Lutari Island from one of it's residents!

by axomus
The Haunting of Zios

A simple farm family must survive a night of horror as they realize their house is haunted...

by xghoul447
Hanso's Faerie Festival Lampoon

Fyora makes the interesting choice of appointing Hanso as the Master of Ceremonies for the Faerie Festival...

by black_skull725
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On Returning to Neopets

It’s been a year or two or maybe ten— you don’t really remember as you log in and admire the vintage charm of the mostly-unchanged front page of The News box flashes by with games you’ve never heard of and spiffy new NC Mall items for customizations scroll by, a feat you’ve never even attempted. What you do know, at least, is that it’s been four, five, six, or a hundred attempts of guessing at the fake birthday you cursed yourself with by using it for registration when you were eight. To your left, your pets are crying, “dying of hunger”— a phrase that terrified your younger self. How did you solve this again? Tap tap at your temple— aha! A quick visit to the Neolodge...

Other Stories


Great Grarrls: Grarrg!
Grarrls are a fantastic species. So great, in fact, that I thought it only appropriate that we talk about one of the greatest Grarrls in Neopian history! Collab with sylas23

by aephigaming


On Returning to Neopets
Returning yet again, these thoughts have been in my mind. Let me know if you can relate!

by xixiwang242


Mira Squad Tales-Portals
The Mira Squad must defeat the wraiths pouring through the portals and investigate who is behind the chaos...

by lupe_hunter_7


A Mind Full of Shadow
Vinas is convinced that the amnesiac uni is actually Dr. Sloth, and determined to prove it...

by ade1


Donations for Dacardia
Captain Rourke receives the Neopian donations to rebuild Dacardia. Collab with fishmas and sunbathr

by acara_575


Stuff and Orvinn's Excellent Adventure - Part 5
Part 5 of 6!

by christie500018

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