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Short Stories

The Neopian Artist

“What a lovely drawing,” a Maraquan Acara murmured at a painting of frolicking green Unis, her yellow eyes sparkling.

by terukiyo
How to be a Princess

Violet slumped against the door to the library and sighed. She probably messed up her hair, something else for Rosaline to get on her case about. She would never live up to her sister’s expectations, never mind those of her people. If she could even call them that, she thought, she wasn’t really a princess after all was she?

by rkbear
The Case of the Vanishing Shopkeeper

The Crumpetmonger has vanished and it's up to a band of petpets to solve the case.

by _polonius_
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10 Tips to Succeed at the Trading Post

The Mystery Island is one of the most desirable places for you and your friends to visit, if you are looking to have a fun a relaxing day. Although, despite from all the tranquility of the breaking waves and breezy forests, there is a turbulent place which is distinguished from the rest of this peaceful island.:

Other Stories


Neogoals 2020
Did you make Neogoals for 2019 and didn't quite stick to them? No worries, we've all been there *cough fitness cough*

by extreme_butterfly


Ten Petpets that Deserve the Royal Treatment
There has been some excitement around petpets and new colors releases: long-neglected petpets have recently been discovered in new potential colors, much to all the Neopian’s and Neopet’s delight.

This article was also written by kayahtik.

by xiaolin10413


A Shattered Confession:Part Three
All eyes were on the back doors of the courtroom as they opened with an echoing boom. A straight beam of sunlight practically split the courtroom in half as Sylvana slowly entered, escorted by two towering knights, a draik and a bori.

by fallingdaybreak


Return to Shenkuu:Part Two
Alexi found a seat by herself on the boat to Shenkuu. It wasn’t scheduled to be a long voyage, just a few hours.

by alphachicky


Garage Sale Woes
Tossing stuff down to the ground level seems like a good idea, until it isn't.

by opatoes


Chaos Causers: Adventful Schemes
Adventful? Get it! Oh... you must not be a big fan of portmanteaus

by huntercn

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