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Short Stories

Usuki Singing Stars #45: It's Fun Without Scary!

That was so much fun, Patricia!” Sparkles gushed as she entered the living room. The pink Bruce turned to her friend and, with a wink, said, “With the perfect accessory, any girl can be a superstar!”

by downrightdude
The Blumalupe: Creation

Once upon a time, (or three years ago) there was a secret lab under the Neopian Central. The experiments performed in this lab, which was called Neopia Labs, were very important, and had been the subject of many sabotages, including the famous "Lupe Incident" where 20 extremely large Lupes broke out and ravaged Neopia for almost a year before they were captured.

by neotilted
Betrayal in the Snow

No one dares betray Galem Darkhand and Masila. All but one.

by fallingdaybreak
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"Betrayal in the Snow " by fallingdaybreak
Where is she?!” “She couldn't have gotten far!” “Search every building! Leave no stone unturned until we find her!!” "All of you will find her," a deep voice growled, Galem Darkhand. The Grarrl stepped out of the shadows, his scarred mouth pulled into a vicious snarl. “She turned against me, and she will suffer the consequences.” Close to him, a hooded green Acara stood silently with an equally menacing glare, Masila. More angry voices filled the otherwise silent nighttime air of Terror Mountain as a cloaked Mynci, Draik, and a muscular Kyrii charged through the streets, their faces contorted with rage. It was common knowledge among thieves that no one could just abandon their fellow thieves not without an explanation.

Other Stories


Me! Me! *cough* I meant not me. I’m just singing that song to attract your attention to read my article. It not wrong, right? I once read that in order to get an attention, be it intentionally or unintentionally, you must do something out of the context, should you be embarrassed or not, it is a story for another times. Okay, I lied, that all just me, no one ever said that.

by xlorally


Neopian Events - How to Plan Ahead
It’s always great to see Neopians with accounts that show that they have been loyal members. However, I’m typically surprised when I see that they haven’t participated in many of Neopets various events or plots through the years and earned the trophies that accompany them.

by _polonius_


Chronicles of the Darkside: Keys to Fantasia:Part Six
Chapter 6: It Was Worth It

by fire_earth_aqua__77


A Storytellers' Journey Through Legends and Folklore:Part Two
The Storyteller, Maria, and the Pant Devil followed the faerie.

by rielcz


Surprising Revelations
Surprise! It's Trudy!

(Story by Parody_Ham)

by jesillu


Space Stand-Up II
I hope I'm not the only one who pronounces "Illusen" like "illusion"...

by neo_kid_851

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