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Short Stories

A Day in the Life of the Tombola Man!

Bzzzt!....Bzzzzt! The alarm clock blares BzzzzZZZZZT! The Tiki Tack (Tombola) man groggily reaches over, looks at the display which says 1:00 AM NST, and turns it off, he blinks his eyes a few times and stretches while he gets out of bed.

by werelupe_zap
A Day in the Life of Jhudora

Jhudora perched at the rails of her castle’s balcony, her head propped up in her hands. She sighed in frustration as she watched the rays of light struggle to shine through the dense forest and vines surrounding her castle. It was another dawn, another day again. What kind of evil would she cook up today?

Also written by lookidontcare3 & masters_united

by breakeven

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"For All the Abandoned Hues" by sherocks15
Part I: A Defining Complexion My name, my essence, my being, is Saphira_15-not the best, not the worst. I don't mind that I'm not Sapphire, Sapphy, Sapphira, or some other name with no numbers. I don't even mind that Saphira is spelled wrong. Jennie gave my name to me. It is the one thing that can never, will never change in my long and tumultuous life. It's permanent. It's me. And in a world where nothing is permanent, where your species and color can change in mere instants-say nothing of the intelligence and abilities you work so hard for--that's important. It really is. I won't sugarcoat things-I was abandoned by Jennie. You probably saw that coming. Most Neopets get abandoned multiple times in their lifespan. It's a sad fact. Actually, I was traded. The point is, I'm not going to string you along. I've had enough of that. There will be little suspense, and even less of a plot. The reason is, it's a life, not fanfiction. You will find, that, for some people, they are one and the same, but not for me. You may think that my story isn't worth reading, then, that it's just meaningless words scribbled on paper. That is your choice. I will not try to persuade or cajole you. If you do end up reading it, my life's story is a sad one. It may leave you different than before you read it. It may soften your heart, or it may harden it. I have learned, through my many trials, that every life is precious and special. I hope that this story changes you as well: into something just a little bit different, so when you look at your pet you may see that they are something to be treasured and loved always.

Other Stories


Emergent Gameplay of Neopia
I’m writing from the frosted cobblestones of Neovia to bring you a story about the fascinating culture of emergent gameplay that comes from our boards here on Neopets. Emergent gameplay refers to user created and motivated games that grow as a result of official mechanics. In today’s cases I will be focusing on community run events and activities that exist outsi

by welikedots


10 Ways To Make A Million!
The title says it all.

by nightanimations


Searching a place:Part Five
Chapter 5. Inopportune Problems, Maraqua and Tyrannia.

Also by acespades1, charliews & hits

by nacil30


For All the Abandoned Hues
Part I: A Defining Complexion

by sherocks15


Average Neopians #3
That's what you get! Stay in neoschool, pets!

by dynamic_junction


Drackonack Hungry
The fridge isn't safe when it's for a hungry Drackonack.

Also by smilingpony

by soeeos

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