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Short Stories

Keen's Pirate Adventure

I’m gonna spoil the ending of this story right now: I die. But not really, or else I wouldn’t be writing this, right? And you don’t really die in Neopia, you’re brought back as someone else.

by hannahcreep
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"The Heart of Spring" by ketchup547
The eventide Gelert tread lightly through the forest, making no sound. She wore a dress weaved entirely of flowers. Even from here, I had no doubt that the flowers were still alive. Her pale brown hair cascaded around her shoulders. It, too, was interwoven with flowers. Ditreys and Springabees fluttered around her, even pollinating her dress. A single earth faerie followed close behind her. The Gelert sang a song about a Korbat and the moon as she walked, tapping plants with her ears. She left a trail of green grass and brightly coloured flowers in her wake. I couldn’t help but smile despite myself. She was beautiful. She was, after all, the heart of spring. Last month, I’d been contacted through several intermediates by the heart of winter. He was an eventide Bruce, with bright yellow feet and snow flurries dancing across the darkened sky along his cheeks.

Other Stories


Conquering The Castle Of Eliv Thade
Are you whacky about words? Do you love the scarier side of Neopets? Do you dream of being locked away in the castle of an evil Kacheek, trying to solve anagrams to escape and save your own life? The Castle of Eliv Thade is the game for you!

by krawkedattitude


Interviews with the Dark Faerie Sisters: Malice
I’m glad you have opened up to the second part of this special installment of interviews. Last time, Spite’s interview was published for the Neopian world to see, which was met with some controversy and fear. I got some letters asking me what the three Dark Faerie Sisters are up to, but I cannot say, nor do I know. Perhaps it is best just to stay cautious, my dear readers.

by xiaolin10413


Petpetpet Wars:Part Four
Captain Finnegan saw the smoke on the horizon long before the airbase came into view. The remains of the barracks and the air control tower smouldered in the early afternoon sun.

by herdygerdy


The Becoming of the Royal Thief:Part Three
Things are never quite what they seem.

by k3l26


i'm listening..

by _gizmo_stern_


Outer Space

by hamster_z

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