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Short Stories

A Princess and Her Struggles

You will make a great Queen of The Lost Desert when the time comes...

by kalir
Where are you, Caramel?

The touch of sun rays coupled with its warmness woke me up earlier than usual. I’m not exactly a light sleeper; my older twin, Caramel, could vouch for my grogginess.

by kikiyomi
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"A Princess and Her Struggles" by kalir
Her petpet , a royal Anubis, mewed with delight and dropped the toy on her paws for the hundredth time. The small petpet made a happy purring sound and rubbed against her side. She picked up the toy and threw it across the yard. It bounced a few times on the rough sandy ground creating little dust clouds. The petpet yipped with delight and ran after it, kicking more sand into the air. As much as she loved her petpet, she was tired of the repetitiveness of her life. She was reading old fairy-tale scrolls in her favorite garden; A small private one designed by the finest architects and gardeners who came all the way from Shenkuu to build it as a gift of thanks for her. The garden contained only the most beautiful Lost Desert flowers. The walls surrounding the garden were tall and Desert Albats sat on each corner of it. They were trained to sense danger and would squawk loudly if there was ever a sign of it. They were also trained to make sure she didn’t escape, and it made her feel like a prisoner in her own home. Before architects from Shenkuu built it, they had gone through a terrible drought and were at risk of starving. As a response, she forced her father to send the citizens of Shenkuu a huge supply of Pleto Melons.

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The Rusty Ghoul Catchers:Part Three
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Hello Fellow Traveler:Part Two
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Perhaps you should follow her

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Everyone likes an underdog story...

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