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Short Stories

Even Royals Make Mistakes

The best of the best aren't immune to messing up...

by _brainchild_
Shurb, The Cursed Aisha

Our story takes place back in the time of the Darigan War. Yes, you've heard of the great battle between King Skarl and Long Darigan, but what about those who had to pay the price of war?

by _the_spardel_queen_
How Nightlands Joined a Band

Continued story from "How Nightlands Got His Magma Color"

by yrouel
Dance of the Dark Faeries

A strange thing happens when the spirit of October settles in. It wakes a slumbering spark inside the hearts of the dark faeries.

by vaeneficus
Let Me Tell You A Story

There once was a...

by midnight_sun
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"Dance of the Dark Faeries" by vaeneficus
A strange thing happens when the spirit of October settles in. It wakes a slumbering spark inside the hearts of the dark faeries. Unbeknownst to the other faeries, the shifting of the world in that enchanting time is something only a dark faerie can feel. It’s a special bond they share with the essence of all that is mystical and overflowing with magic in the world. It is a call to laugh, and dance, and rejoice. Malina had never felt the call before. This year, the year she had finally learned to fly, would be her first. She had gone to bed that night, excitedly awaiting the coming of the new day. It happened then in the most unexpected of ways. It came to her, singing gently in a dream. The trees were swaying above her in the darkest, most shaded stretch of forest she’d ever seen. A specter appeared then, dressed in gold and red and brown, the outline of it blurred and fading into the air. It sang in the purest voice, soft like the push of a cool wind. Malina spread her arms and closed her eyes, feeling a rush of air overtake her. It swept along her wings, sending them flaring out wide. She felt her heart flutter in her chest. And when she opened her eyes, she was on her feet, staring up at the stars outside.She gazed down at her surroundings, wondering how far she had walked without being disturbed. A rustle drew her attention, and she let out a breath when another faerie stepped through the brush. "Did you hear the call as well?" Malina whispered, taking her friend excitedly by the arms.

Other Stories


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