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Short Stories

Super Secret Club: Nightmare Cousins

It takes them a moment to realise that there is no shout of excitement as they make their entrance, or the sound of tiny feet on the path, racing out to meet them. Something must be very wrong.

by xpninja
The Secret to It Is...

It’s tough, being the new guy. Even if I’ve been on the team for eight years

by skutterbotched
The Lost Desert Supporter's Soul

How can I tell you what the Altador Cup really is? How can I tell you what it means to supporters as ardent as I?

by bsbgirl7777777
This Is Our Year

This is the big one.

by kandeegrrl
A Rubber Plant Castle Tale: The Dead Bearog

She picked up a little creature by the scruff of its neck. One head whimpered. She surveyed the area for its owner. A second head whined. There was no one to be found... Interesting.

by watersprite112
Kahmileia Visits Terror Mountain

As the sun came up in the Faerieland skies, the castle went into a complete uproar.

by nycflowergirl
I'm Actually Scared of Heights

"I want to see you fly."

by cervidummy
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"The Secret to It Is..." by skutterbotched
It’s tough, being the new guy. Even if I’ve been on the team for eight years, our team hasn’t had a roster change since I joined Darigan Citadel for the second Altador Cup. I’ve heard the hushed whispers, seen the stares. There’s a rumor that we haven’t come close to winning again because of me. That the only reason we won the second ‘Cup was because it was still new, and Darigan Citadel was the first powerhouse of a team.

Other Stories


The Fortunes You Didn’t Know You Had
You could be a neomillionaire! That’s right—you! You might just not know it yet.

by yellowpagebeatdown


The Traveling Neopian: Neolodge Reviews: Stop #7
Don't spend your holiday in a tent! Read a review from your buddy, Brent! Unless you like holidays in tents.

by cadetbush


Scarab Queen
The constitution meeting was to take place in the throne room – this served as a not-incredibly-subtle reminder from Jazan about who exactly was in charge here.

by saphira_27


Faerie Wings III: The Nightmare of Dreamland
She took a step back and accidentally bumped into another faerie, whose breath was as cold as frost.

by downrightdude


Petpet Problems: Seasons
Abominable Snowballs are not for year long use.

by khakio_21


Trouble in Paradise: Colors
Neopia is turning grey.

by chasing_stars44

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