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Short Stories

The Mysterious Sound

Julie, a blue Aisha from Brightvale, was reading about the history of the neighboring kingdom, Meridell.

by seerofheart413
Don't Shop, Adopt!

"Is omelette again okay, Luke? We still have some from yesterday!" Kara called from the kitchen.

by vanillaskys20
Too Brave By Far

He had all the time in the world to scout this place out.

At least, until the light of the lantern died...

by breakingchains

Stuck Inside

My unusual adventure started with the worst thing anyone could think of: The Lab Ray.

by roxy1042

They came in the night. Like shadows – invisible and silent...

by nanakagi
Shades and Hues

Ruestilla sighed as she looked out of the window of her room in the Pound.

by winter_pony4
The Kidnapping of Illusen

"Whatcha reading?" a voice suddenly hissed in his ear. "Another one of your dumb detective stories?"

by tj_wagner
That Great Hunger

Isengrim pawed through the undergrowth, the scent lingering in his nostrils.

by cosmicfire918
What is this Thing Called April Fool's?

Mermaid-Isca, a cloud Aisha, walked into the Altadorian Archives on a mission – no, not to solve the mystery of the Darkest Faerie statue in the Hall of Heroes.

by aisha_enchantress110
The Prank

When he opened the door, he found a Blue Nimmo, carrying a small suitcase stuffed with personal belongings.

by lupe_hunter_7
Can I Call You Mom?

"Something Has Happened! Something Has Happened!" screamed a Chia, waving a flyer in front of the human girl's face.

by goodsigns
The Dice of Ultimate Probability

"Where did you get these? I've certainly never seen them before!"

Also by needforspeed2008

by nycflowergirl

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Customisation Tips

Although customisation has been around for quite some time, many people are just beginning to dive into idea of clothing their pets. However, there are some who have been customising their pets for some time and would still like to get a little extra help to make their pets as perfect as possible. Here, I've compiled...

Other Stories


Permanent Pets: Do They Even Exist Anymore?
After asking the PCers themselves what keeps them from trading off their beloved pets... It was quite shocking to see their responses!

by calliegraphy


The Mini Guide to Faerie Quests
Calm down, don't panic, and keep reading.

by xxlifexdeniedxx


Sebastian's Spirits: Part Seven
"What's going on?" Ava shrieked as her dark pink self became pale. "Did the box break or something?"

by crazy_4_sushi


Ballad of the Faerie's Champion: Stagnation - Part Two
It was decidedly unsettling for Gary to look in the mirror and find a stranger's face staring back. After seventeen years of looking in the mirror and seeing a yellow furred face, he knew it would be a long time before he stopped being startled by the blue one...

by shinkoryu14


The Dark Star: Part I
Introducing Sin, the mechanic and Vamon, the captain.

by the_shii


Reality of REs: An Unintentional Prank
Jhudora's a natural trickster, isn't she?

Also by oracle419

by ribbonpig

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