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Short Stories

Sentinels: A Hyperion Story

"Got a letter from Hyperion today. Thought you'd wanna know."

by micrody

You believe Vex invented the game on his own? That is only partly correct. I'm the one who planted the idea in his head.

by fiery_sky

I don't think about them. It's impossible to know when they'll arrive, and when they do, there's no stopping them.

by reggieman721
The First Relic

There's nothing wrong with being a little bit normal.

by mintacia
Painting the Maypole

She was going to her Neoschool to set up the maypole for the May Fair. If she was lucky, she might even get to dance around it, holding one of the brightly coloured ribbons that fluttered in the air.

by capricornhunter
The Taste of Chocolate

His father had made perfectly clear his opinion on chocolate.

"Useless," he said.

by grits_x

The Worst Petpet Ever

That was why my owner decided to buy me a petpet...

by pippin_me
The Tyrannian Shopkeeper Switch

"It's time for Verusha, the Master Detective, to get to the bottom of this..."

by lupe_hunter_7
A Slorg in the Bakery!

It was as he bent down to see into one of the lower cupboards that he made eye contact with the Slorg, which was still in hiding behind the measuring cups.

by bashmina_pashmina
The Baby Chronicles - Daycare

"No, Mama, please! Can't I just stay at home? I'll be fine by myself, honest! No, no no no no no!"

by spirit_wolf589
A Division of Houses

"Raiyne, come on! You can't peadackle out now."

by lyraedi
The Purest Spell

His previous owner was a well respected wizard who lived deeply hidden in the forests of Neopia.

by moulinrouge21
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"A Slorg in the Bakery!" by bashmina_pashmina
The Slorg watched intently as the Breadmaster dumped well over half a dozen different ingredients into a single orange bowl, then began to stir until everything began to blend together. He was humming quietly as he focused all his attention on this one task; he still did not see the slimy petpet. Several minutes passed, and at last the Kacheek...

Other Stories


The Fate of the Chia-Lupe Feud
This article was written to remind us all of a cherished hallmark of Neopia, which has fallen by the wayside and been forgotten!

by fattree


All About Baby Pets!
So here you are, minding your own business when all of a sudden Boochi comes out of nowhere and zaps your precious Grey Uni into a Baby Uni!

by aggirl169


Potion 319: Part One
"I told you, not one of these potions ever would harm anybody! He must have added something or tampered with it," Kauvara insisted.

by chax1414


Flowlight: Moon - Eternal Stranger: Part Two
"I never said I was harmless."

by antiaircraft_3


Illusen & Jhudora
Look at those two... always bickering.

by 1992jk1995


Smelly Wearables!
*sniff sniff*

by lilyed

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