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Short Stories

The Nedler Painting

The tentacles were what made the thing intolerable. Three tentacles, long, purple, slimy...

by cpmtiger
The Squeezy Toothbrush

My mother is a very hygienic person, and being the male Shoyru that I am, I do not take part in the thing she calls 'bathing' very often...

by tabbsizzles
Sea and Sky: The Story of the First Faerie Peophin

Above the sound of waves crashing to the beach, she could hear a soft cry. As she swam closer to an outcropping of rocks fringed by berry bushes...

by princess_raging
The Story of Baby Angel

What lurks under that cute and innocent face?

by ilovefoxtrot

Jhudora stared at the smoking shelf with an annoyed look. She huffed loudly. "Even Illusen's job is superior to this!" she exclaimed...

by tigerstripe172
The Star and Flame Chronicles: Where It All Begins

I knew I could handle another pet. I wasn't exactly wealthy, but I had enough...

by reeses_pet
Story of a Scriblet

How did I end up here? In a few seconds, it all came back. The pesky Aisha, the terrifying paw of Fluffy the Warf...

by popdoom
A One Act Play Concerning Mendelev the Kacheek

I doubt that you have ever heard

Of a Kacheek named Mendelev...

by spunk1

The Story of The Usul Suspects

Watching over ten Baby Usuls was going to be difficult, especially for five hours, but if she was getting paid...

by moondog1997
I Will Always Be Your Biggest Fan

She’d been replaced by other new singers, more talented, prettier outfits...

by doopingla
Jelly Welly, My Bestest Friend Ever!

"Ooh, what is it, what is it? Tell me!" Little Parlat was so excited; he was jumping up and down with glee...

by ffamran
Five Going On Twenty

Being a Big Krawk is certainly different. Before... how do I explain?

by weaponstar
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"Story of a Scriblet" by popdoom
I gasped, realizing where I was. The Beauty Contest, wow! It was every Scriblet's dream to find oneself in the halls of the BC, with so many grand pieces of artwork to admire and, of course, scribble on! Such was the job of a Scriblet, to ruin artwork and articles. A grin spread across my face. I prodded my crest of spikes, licked my lips, and set off. The first step I took...

Other Stories


Sheryaya's Article: Committee and the Players
I've come to Altador to find out about conditions for the upcoming tournament.

by rypsy999


Serving Up the Berries- A Guide to Berry Bash
Rufus the Kougra has a very important occupation. His job is to feed the many hungry customers...

by jillian3_3


Family Secrets: Part One
"How's your mother?" I asked politely as I poured him a small glass of the shimmering elixir. Although I hadn't spoken to her in nearly five years, she was, after all, my sister...

by dan4884


Apprentice to Evil: Part Six
Meti nodded firmly. Steal an item. Easy as Neo-pie!

Also by chivo

by anjie


Perfect Pea Petpet

by sarika_ambrielle


Picnic and... Trophy?? o.O
My little pets decided to go on a picnic and... brought me a Trophy on their way. o.O

by morieae

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