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"Tropical (F)ire" by nick_and_nickette
Takes place in Y22 (2020) It's not often that a servant goes on vacation. True, the Nightsteed might be a retired one, and a noble of sorts, but still, a servant and loyal friend to the King of Qasala. The old Uni had never been outside the Lost Desert in all his very long life. Even though he loved his home, he felt like he needed something different, something new. But nothing too crazy. He was very old, after all. He couldn't go on risky adventures. He figured he needed to go someplace to relax — but where? Then he remembered, he had heard about this "Mystery Island" a while ago. He also heard it was a tropical paradise. That sounded nice, he thought to himself. So, he decided he wanted to go there. "Are you sure about this, dear friend? I don't know about...

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