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"Faerie Fables - Naia the Fountain Faerie" by devotedly
Naia crouched down at her small desk, clutching an armful of goodies. Carefully, she balanced herself on the chair and let all of what was in her hands fall onto the desk. She sat back in her chair and looked at what she had found: a water pot, a few brushes and some flowers she was going to grind down to make the paint. Naia longed for actual paint but as her father had said, paint was very expensive and hard to find in the Neopian Shops. Satisfied with what she had, she began to grind down the flowers she had picked in the forest to make beautiful powders of blue, red, orange and pink. She smiled to herself and slowly added the water...

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Spring Clear-Out
After an incident when it took me five hours to find a particular codestone in my Safety Deposit Box, I came to the conclusion that it was definitely time for a clear out.

by absdafabs


The Mysterious Venuquin
They said it wouldn't last. In a way, they were right. But the love between Venuquin and Halcyon would be legendary for centuries...

by indulgences


Money, Money, Money: A Guide to Earning Neopoints
There are plenty of ways to get from rags to riches in Neopia! This article introduces users to just a few of these methods, and hopefully you’ll soon be on the road towards achieving your Neopets dreams.

by asheiruki


Bashing Kass Basher
The Blumaroo who invented the Kass Basher game shares his personal rants about his own creation!

by musicpops


Real remedies at the Neohospital III
Neggnappers and breakers will do anything for a negg......

by andypopo


Blumaroo Baking, part 1
You know what they say...

by molzypoo

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