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"Learning to Fly " by neo_kid_851
"What kind of Pteri can’t fly?” The snide comments surrounded Dezzyton as she hung her head low in shame. The others were right, what kind of Pteri was she? She was an embarrassment. Sure, her wings were smaller than everyone else’s, but shouldn’t they still work? Her whole body was smaller than everyone else’s, surely her little wings could hold her tiny frame? The yellow Pteri sighed as she waddled away from the group. There was no point sticking around while all the other Pteris in Tyrannia got together to go flying. She was used to this; it had been this way her whole life. In times like these, she retreated to her happy, safe space – her cave.

Other Stories


A Day in the Life of a Moffit
Molly the Moffit crawled underneath the dresser just as the sun started to rise. Stripes of sunlight came through the blinds and lit up the floor of Kimiko240’s room.

by goodsigns


Learning to Fly
“What kind of Pteri can’t fly?”

by neo_kid_851


Petpet Rescue: An Avatar Collector's Guide
In this article series, I will share the strategies I used to reach the avatar score for various flash games. I wanted to start with Petpet Rescue, because while it is challenging, the score can be achieved without relying on significant luck.

by costumely


Ways to Make Neopoints without Playing (Flash) Games
Habitarium, Key Quest, Hannah and the Pirate Caves may be gone, but they are not forgotten!

by kaitlinhoneybee


Nooo moreee fooooood

Idea by nayana852

by devotedly


Heads I win, tails you lose!

by powerflower289

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