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New Series

The Greatest Show on Earth

”Anna, I want peanuts! Please?”

by unfogging
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Kickin' It At Kiko Lake

Kiko Lake is one of my favorite places on the map but it doesn't get a lot of recognition. I previously did an article on Maraqua, the history of it, and its people, and a commonly misconstrued fact is that Maraqua is the only underwater city. Kiko Lake actually has two divisions, one that lives up on land and one that lives down at the bottom of the lake. There are plenty of aquatic Kikos that live down there and have their own functioning economy and lifestyle. Kiko Lake has been lucky in the past to avoid a lot of drama that other lands have faced, they haven't had any major wars or people attempting to seize control for profit. There are a lot of reasons for that but I won't spoil that by jumping right into it in the intro! What kind of writer would I be if I did that? Give away my whole story and my many months of research in the first two minutes, no way!

Other Stories


Proof of Courage
I landed on the edge of the drop-off that led down to Giant’s Pit. Normally I come to this terrifying place on my own.

This is a collab with the User shoyru_lover713. She owns Ven.

by blackghoulmon


The Annual Discovery of Ixi Faire
Rain pounded against the shutters as Tayver dusted off another old book. Rainy days were the best times to do his research. He enjoyed the atmosphere that was created by storms and the rain was a soothing sound to his headache.

by rainingzomutts


Neocash Backgrounds and Foregrounds for the Spring
My Favorite Spring Neocash Backgrounds and Foregrounds

by berzerkturtlez


Kougras from A to Z
It`s Kougra Day, and time to celebrate one of Neopia`s most popular feline species! This particular Neopet holds a special place in my heart, and I`m excited to take you through the alphabet from A to Z and give you all the in-depth knowledge and little-known facts about the cool, courageous Kougra.

by aleu1986


Blossoms~ Games Night Part 7
Yeah yeah, c'mon Jonathon it's your turn!

by twillieblossom


Chia Adventures: Unusual
This chia looks kind of weird...

by fruitbananas

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