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New Series

The Forgotten Years

Our story begins when Roberta of Brightvale and her close friend, Tormund Ellis, strolled through the Hall of Heroes in Altador. The sounds of their footsteps on the marble floor echoed off the stone walls. Gigantic stone statues of the eleven council members cast long dark shadows across the floor. King Altador’s stood foremost of them all.

by trishabeakens
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"Laugh Please!" by myownworld09
Marna the Grarrl loved her position as court cook for the mostly grumpy King Skarl, but something was wrong of late. The King had not laughed for some time and was becoming more and more grumpy by the day if that was possible and the poor Meridell cleaners were being overworked with their more and more frequent trips to the Rubbish Dump. They were starting to grumble and complain about the smell they could not remove from their clothes and the fact the King himself did not even notice the stench! She had been with him ever since that chance meeting at the fancy Kelp restaurant when she had spilled her soup on him and said something witty that made him laugh. She remembered the long pause as he looked at his stately robe and the darkening stain that graced his collar. He had stared at it for a long while and then suddenly without warning let out a bellow of laughter that was strong and loud. It lasted for just a few seconds and stopped as quickly as it started but it was enough for the King to take an immediate liking to her. He hardly ever laughed so he hired her there and then mostly for the possible chuckle but also for a vacancy that had just so happened to become available that very day, court cook. It seems that that the previous cook had not given the King an accurate summary of what was in his casserole for lunch that day. The King hated any orange food and his lunch had carrots in it.

Other Stories


How a Clompkin found his patch
It’s difficult being a Clompkin in a field of pumpkins sometimes.

by super_star12001


A Happy Gnomes New Friend.
The sound of butterfly wings fluttering through the wind echoes through the tribe. Past the woodland and through the bright, green trees lies a tribe full of the tiniest Kacheeks, dressed up as gnomes. They wear red, blue, green, all kind of colour hats. With hearts dedicated to their tribe, they swore to protect each other and any invasion that occurs.

by yellowstefy


10 Retired Avatars We All Wish We Could Still Get
Have you ever decided to not participate in a site event only to realize you missed out on an awesome avatar reward? Perhaps looked at an avatar checklist to see what avatars you were missing, spotted a cool one, and then read that it was unobtainable and retired? Do you have any regrets holding off on getting an avatar for later, because one day it randomly retired? Let's be honest: it's happened to us all at one point or another, and there are some truly great avatars we either wish we had been around for or are remorseful to not have participated in when we had the chance. Today we're going to look at 10 retired avatars we all wish we could still get.

by chaeldar


Plumpy's Guide to the Petpetsitter
Hello Neofriends! If I haven’t introduced myself so far, let me just say that you can call me “Tiny Kitty”, and I’m one of the best petpets your precious neopoints can buy: a Plumpy. Won’t you trust me when I tell you that I’m really a 28lb ball of fluff? No pampering needed, just bacon.

Also by Quigglypook

by pandacat838


Not All Weewoos work at the Neopian Times!
When people assume your job........Written by: kaizen_boi and Art by: iggy___koopa

by kaizen_boi


Negg Hunt Shenanigans
let the games begin

Also by dianalovee

by grimlane

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