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New Series

King Altador's Substitute

Queen Nera glanced up often from her painstaking work to watch King Altador and their teenage son, Alarick, play a competitive game of yooyuball. The sport was a popular pastime in the great land of Altador. The game of passing a yooyu around and trying to make it in the other team’s goal excited any Altadorian. Even the king himself grew fond of the game.

by trishabeakens
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15 Awesome Neopoint Backgrounds For Summer

Ah, summertime! That wondrous time of year when even Terror Mountain isn't so cold. The weather all over Neopia is balmy and beautiful, and many of us have extra free time on our hands. From lounging on the beach to sweating in the Altador Cup arena, summer is a time for fun and recreation. Why not give your Neopets a new outfit to reflect that? Even if you're short on NeoCash, there are still a ton of fantastic options available at every price point. In no particular order, here are 15 of the best wearable backgrounds for summertime, all of which are obtainable with Neopoints alone. 1. Bridge to the Orchard Background Approximate price: 620,000 NP What could be more summery than a stroll through a beautiful orchard? As you cross a quaint wooden bridge over a gentle stream, fruits and flowers bob in the breeze. Maybe you can bring some apples home in a basket and make a pie later. I feel relaxed just looking at this background. 2. Fyora's Balcony Approximate price: 8,000 NP Further downstream in the lush cliffs of Faerieland, beautiful purple brick towers are sparkling in the summer sunlight. You can smell the fragrant trees and flowers on the air as you stand on Fyora's warmly-lit balcony. Fluffy clouds float along in the distance through the brilliant blue sky. Does summer get any better than this?

Other Stories


Another Night
Nuria was a traveler of the Lost Desert, a Fire Faerie enacting justice when she saw it necessary and retreating into the shifting sands when it was not. Sometimes, this meant disbanding bandit groups or safely returning cargo stolen by common thieves – mercenary work without the pay.

by hyzenthlay___


Usuki Singing Stars #42: Alan's Flu Injection
“Mommy, why are we at the doctor’s house?”

by downrightdude


Eleven Things All Kacheek Lovers Should Own
Kacheeks are arguably the cutest Neopet in Neopia. According to the Neopet Popularity page, Kacheeks are the second most created pets in Neopia! Almost three-hundred million Neopets created (not morphed or zapped through the lab ray), over seventeen million that have been created are Kacheeks!

Also by seanman1224

by indebtedness


Battledome Training With Neocash
We’d all love a super buff BD pet, but anyone who has used the training schools knows it is a tough, slow slog. Reaching maximum strength and defence takes seemingly infinite costly codestones and years of dedicated training.

by unfreeze_divicool72


Privilege of being a pea chia
...or trauma therapy?

by valokki


The Aliens Giveth and the Aliens Taketh Away
What shall you give us this time??

by valleypark

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