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New Series

Young Jhudora and Queen Fyora: Part One

It was a cool Summer night in the outskirts of Faerieland. A young Jhudora curled up against the old dark faerie sitting beside her on the wooden bench....

by rocksysmom
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"After Gwyl's Great Escape" by mehohara
Shaking the dust of its clothes, Gwyl whistled in relief. He could not be more excited than now, more relieved and glad. The balloon he used to escape from the horrifying mine has fallen to the ground, full with dust and small holes caused by the spikes he had hit. He escaped just in time; some seconds after and he would have fallen all the way down, with an empty balloon and a heart full of sorrow and despair... He couldn't believe his luck, and he was never a lucky guy. "Somebody over there may be looking after me", he wondered, looking at the starry sky. He smiled at this thought. "Who up there could care about me this way? Is my life that worthy?", he asked himself after. But he shook his head quickly. Those were bad thoughts, and he didn't want them in his head. Not after the greatest escape ever. "Not bad for a tiny little Symol and a brave Lightmite, eh?", he asks his Lightmite, his valuable companion, who gave him light and support during his entire journey; a gift from his most lovable sister, who was his best friend. The petpetpet flown happily around its owner, but had quickly fallen into the ground, tired from the extended exercise he had to make to prevent his new owner from falling. Gwyl grabbed him from the ground and felt the warmth of his companion in his hand. The Lightmite was breathing rapidly and with difficulty. "We both need some rest. Let's go home, my dear friend. And then we are free. Then we really go back to our true home, far from here, where we belong". He grabbed the bag, full of the jewels he could find in his way up the mine, and started his journey. The balloon was left behind; he doesn't want to remember that day ever again. Gwyl walked as fast as his tired body allowed him. He was going home, or at least to the tiny, scary and suspicious house he was living, the closest from the mine he could find and afford. With a sick mother and little brothers and sisters to take care of, Gwyl found his job in the mine by a miracle. His mother feared deeply for the eldest and most beloved child, but he knew he had to do it. He knew he had to leave his home for a while, so he could provide his family in the future. It was his first day of work and he already missed home deeply. He knew, however, that his sacrifice would be worth it.

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