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New Series

The Greatest Show In Neopia!: Part One

It all began - interestingly enough - with one single neopoint. The golden coin in question was currently being held tightly in the hand of a smartly dressed young Ogrin who wore his camouflage colouring with the jaunty confidence of a born leader.

by chavo_guerrero
The Autumn Fayre: Part One

If there is one thing that Keriso cant stand, it's me being better than her at anything. And spoiling my lovely party dress was one of the nastiest things she ever did.

Also by ukases

by _starryeyedsurprise_

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"Naia and the Maraquan Moehog" by erikakaiser
The whispered comments, the giggled gossip, the sidelong glances – Naia heard and saw it all. She would love to be bold, to say she didn’t care, but it wasn’t true. It bothered her, at least a little, that the other Faeries didn’t take her job seriously. If she had more of that infamous Fire Faerie spark, she’d snap back. I mean, come on, the Light Faeries spent all their time hoarding cards for, what? Vague, wishy-washy visions of the future? To her, the present was more important. You could shuffle cards and prophesy all day, but if you weren’t trying to affect change, what was the point? But she was a Water Faerie, and she was the one who got the snickers and the eye rolls. Her fountain didn’t repair cracked buildings, didn’t build houses for homeless Faeries, didn’t feed Faellies or Boweens. Marina’s Healing Springs didn’t do those things either and still managed to get less grief, despite all the times Naia had seen a wheezing and exhausted NeoPet get rewarded with nothing more than an Exploding Snowball. Not that it was necessarily Marina’s fault – most of the young Faeries had an element of surprise to their spell casting. They would pull their magic, focus on the outcome, and certainly do their best, but whatever came out was what came out. It took years of practice and learning to cast blessings as thoroughly as Faeries like Aelia or Mira. Naia wasn’t a very old Faerie herself, but she had learned to focus her abilities into the already naturally magical waters of the Rainbow Fountain, and in this way could fulfill requests very specifically.

Other Stories


The Prettiest Peophin
I slowly woke up from my nap, feeling quite content and comfortable. But as I looked around, still half-asleep, I realized something. “Wait, this isn’t my bed!” I thought.

by blackghoulmon


The Not-So-Great Terror Mountain Expedition
Every second we climbed, I wanted to turn back. But I couldn’t let Kyle know that. He was always about adventure: the danger, the risk, the reward. The unknown.

by gumgum101230


Before You Create A Pet…
So, inspired by the spirit of helpfulness, I thought I'd write this article! I hope it teaches my fellow players the proper way to create pets. I want all of their accounts to be safe and secure from TNT's wrath, as well as immune from other problems!

by indulgences


Overlooked: Taelia the Snow Faerie
The Faerie Festival is still approaching and there’s still time to take a look at one special faerie. On the very top of Terror Mountain is an igloo that is home to Taelia the Snow Faerie. She is by no means unknown but she is one of the most mysterious faeries in Neopia.

by trixietrotter


Happy Chocolate Da-- ... errrrr
Happy Chocolate Day everyone!

by coerces


Kadoatie Lovin'
Never a dull moment with your brand new Loving Kadoatie!

by starsbc

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