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New Series

Reign of Ice: Part One

Neopets everywhere were taking shelter; it was just about high noon. A giant cloud blew in from the north. The land’s people were at first relieved; rain falls in The Lost Desert two or three times a month. But something was wrong.

by neolikepets
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"Two Cups of Islandberry Juice" by amulet_strawberry
"So I have this idea.” Aristotle A. Avinroo didn’t have to look up from the game screen; multitasking was his strong point. “Do tell,” he said. Abigail tried her best to explain while maneuvering the speeding Meerca on the game screen. Her brother stated that games helped to strengthen various skills, such as focusing on two things at once. “You know how you started that Games Master Challenge thing last month?” She took a moment to dodge a red Negg. “I was thinking that maybe I could do something like that with you.” AAA smiled. “Tell me more.” She continued. “Well, since I’m not exactly a pro gamer, maybe participants who are at my level could try to beat my score, and more experienced gamers could choose to challenge you. Then we’d do that every day for about a month.” “A challenge, huh?” The yellow Blumaroo flicked his fingers on the game controller. “Kind of like a dare.” Abigail’s sea green eyes lit up. “A daily dare!” Her brilliant name she came up with caused her to jump up from the sofa, but in the process also led her Meerca to crash into its own tail. Her score—the typical amount of a little under a hundred—flashed on the screen in white letters. AAA purposely grabbed a red Negg to end his game. He wanted to discuss more of the event idea with his sister. The Blumaroo took a sip of his favorite beverage: Islandberry Juice. Abigail drank the same juice from her glass as well.

Other Stories


The Bennett Files: Neggs Over Easy
Pets were milling about on the streets, anticipating the announcement signaling the start of the hunt. One Woodland Uni decided to stay inside, however, choosing instead to focus on a few odd experiments. His name was Bennett, and as a detective, he reasoned that he had better things to do than to search for brightly-colored Neggs like a hyperactive child.

Also by phoenix_through_fire

by amarettoball


The Retracticity Core
The day starts with breakfast, like it always does. Borovan doughnuts today, imported from Neopia, just a rainbow ride away from Roo Island. Jeronie makes coffee for herself, musing while she does.

Also by applefaerie99

by crazy_holly_ii


10 Years in Neopia: Reflecting on a Decade
Ten years ago today, during a sleepover, a friend shared with my siblings and I a cool site he knew about where you could own virtual pets and play games. He typed Neopets.com into the browser of the old family desktop PC. I made a username and created my very first Neopet. Today, well into adulthood, I am still a proud Neopian.

by newenglandquizzer


Purveyor of Precious Toys: The Toy Shopkeeper
As Lupe Day approaches, the minds of Neopians across the globe turn to famous Lupes that have contributed to our world. In honor of this holiday, my Purple Lupe named Snazztacular and I decided to interview a famous Lupe: the shopkeeper of the Toy Store in Neopia Central.

by _brainchild_


Girl Vs. Neopia: No Fluff, No Service!
Well this is just rude.

by courtlyjest


Over at Brightvale...
Let's take a peek at what's happening at the kitchen...

by toffeedatepudding

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