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New Series

Venn and the Isolated Island: Part One

It was yet another average morning for Venn, a Camouflage Gelert. He climbed out of bed, stretched, put on his brown shorts and yellow scarf, and headed to the Neohome's dining room for breakfast. There they ate the typical Neopian meal, consisting mainly of omelets and jelly. After this came probably the most suspenseful part of the day: the journey to the Secret Laboratory, where Venn would be zapped.

by mbredboy31
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"The Parchment Treaty" by platdragon
The Faerie Ruins plot had happened a while back. Platdragon (Sarah) and her pets were awakened at 5:30 A.M. NST on the morning of March 28th by someone pounding on the front door of their neohome at 82667 Island Crescent on Mystery Island. Bujutsu, a Stealthy Buzz, got to the front door first. GhostRider2015 (GR), a snow grundo, was right behind Bujutsu, as was Furaoe, a Dimensional Shoyru. Sryii, a Wraith Meerca, and Peftjaubast (Peft), a Pirate Draik, held back a bit in the living room. The person at the door was a Royal Messenger (a Pink Ixi dressed in a pink uniform) from Queen Fyora. He had a sealed message for Sarah and several of her pets. It was on pink royal parchment with a pink wax seal and was tied with a pink silk ribbon. Bujutsu removed the ribbon and carefully broke the seal. It was an invitation for Sarah and 3 of her pets to go immediately to Queen Fyora's castle in Faerieland. Sarah and 3 of her pets hurriedly dressed. She made sure that GR and Peft had plenty of food in the pantry some neopoints so they could do some activities while the neopets others were gone. They went outside with the messenger. Furaoe used his special abilities to travel dimensionally to just inside the Faerieland's castle courtyard. The surprised royal guards recognized the royal messenger and allowed the party to enter the castle. Queen Fyora was waiting in her personal chambers for them with several rolled parchments in her hand. Queen Fyora greeted them, "Hello, I have desperate need of a stealthy messenger Neopet, a Neopet with dimensional abilities, and a Wraith Neopet. Sarah, can you and your pets deliver these parchments to the Wraith King Aroyf in Aipoen?" Sarah looked at each of her Neopets and then said, "Yes, your majesty. We can do this for you. Just point us in the direction to go."

Other Stories


Leap of Wraith
"The two of you may share a special bond," said Ziva, gently squeezing Nyx's shoulder. "But Umber Wisp is still a Wraith, Nyx. No one has ever understood them completely."

by liouchan


Friends of Two Worlds
It was late at night, so the streets not far from their hideout were bursting with activity. Probably a bit early to tell spooky stories, but Grace had the undivided attention of the two boys.

“So?” Teaser interrupted her, “It's not like a wave could get all the way here to Wraithland”.

by caileanmalfoy


Wraithland is Misunderstood: Entering Aiopen
You won't believe what we saw in Wraithland...

Also by homsar_eggplant.

by parody_ham


How to Customize your Wraith!
While they all look amazing, it can sometimes be more than a little difficult to customize their smokey dark features into an outfit that you like. Well, struggle no more! This handy guide is here to give you some tips on how to create that perfect outfit for your beloved Wraith 'pet.

by chavo_guerrero


The Secret of... Fish Neggs - Part 2
How did you not hear me?

by tigerkitten41


Dinner with the Scarlets: Wraithland
Mysterious and randomly appearing portals to Wraithland are mysterious and randomly appearing.

by june_scarlet

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