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New Series

Venn and the Isolated Island: Part One

It was yet another average morning for Venn, a Camouflage Gelert. He climbed out of bed, stretched, put on his brown shorts and yellow scarf, and headed to the Neohome's dining room for breakfast. There they ate the typical Neopian meal, consisting mainly of omelets and jelly. After this came probably the most suspenseful part of the day: the journey to the Secret Laboratory, where Venn would be zapped.

by mbredboy31
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"Evil?" by reiqua
Adelaide had always been regarded as a bit of an oddity by her classmates. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that she always wore a tin foil hat. Or maybe it was because she spent most of her class time staring aimlessly out of the window. Perhaps her unusual habit of leaving origami Cybunnies everywhere she went was a factor. But regardless of what it was, she was unanimously considered “weird”. People always said that Adelaide had her head in the clouds. Which was fitting, really, because she was painted cloud. No-one really disliked her. But no-one would voluntarily start up a conversation with her either. That is, not unless they felt they had time to listen to long stories about how Queen Fyora had secretly stolen Brucey B's lucky coin, and the way the Petpet Protection League were taking insufficient action to prevent the exploitation of Tigersquashes... One Friday morning, Adelaide was passing through Neopia central on her way to purchase some stamps. She was absent-mindedly bouncing a yo-yo as she walked. In her other hand, she held a book entitled Teeth Sharpening Techniques. She seemed to be totally immersed in her book. If Adelaide hadn't been quite so oblivious to the world, she would've noticed a clump of 'pets just up ahead. They were all clustered around the notice-board, forming a road block.

Other Stories


Friends of Two Worlds
It was late at night, so the streets not far from their hideout were bursting with activity. Probably a bit early to tell spooky stories, but Grace had the undivided attention of the two boys.

“So?” Teaser interrupted her, “It's not like a wave could get all the way here to Wraithland”.

by caileanmalfoy


Tails of the Crypt - The Tale of the Toymaker
His workshop, for the most part, was out of the sight of the general population, and it was generally deserted. Then, one day, during a particularly harsh snowstorm, a Neopet named Bob strayed off from their hiking trail and stumbled onto the first lit building they saw. A knock on the door shattered the silence, making Edward jump out of his skin.

Also by likelife96

by alienspacefairy


Wraithland is Misunderstood: Entering Aiopen
You won't believe what we saw in Wraithland...

Also by homsar_eggplant.

by parody_ham


Wraithland’s Wraith Quests
A new and unique world has just been revealed, accessible only be randomly appearing portals: Wraithland! By now I’m sure we all have visited this strange land where the Wraiths live in a kind of paradoxical chaotic harmony with its Neopets civilians; seeing all the lands, daily attractions, shops, games, and hints of an upcoming event.

by pikachu315111


The Money Tree

Also by Pinksrainbow

by lyndsey4657


The Floating Islanders: Wraith Encounter
I'd crash faerieland too if I could get a decent enough T-shirt out of it.

by yankeesrule244444456

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