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New Series

The Warrior Princess: The Coronation: Part One

Princess Clarity Ryan was sitting in the private study of the castle. Her tutor was droning on and on about the history of Altador and how it affects them. Clarity was growing weary. She hadn’t been sleeping well for the past week due to nightmares of the war...

by purplbrooke
Through the Woods: Part One

It wasn't often a fight broke out in the throne room. In fact, a fight really never broke out in the throne room. The only arguments that the queen had seen erupt in her throne room was a few between guards, and that one occurence with Jhudora and Illusen as always. Yet, here the faerie sat, watching with mild shock and slight amusement as a screaming match ensued right in front of her eyes.

by melina322
The Gallant Return of Kathryn and Tobin: Part One

“No no no no no no no no no no no noooooooooooo!”

Passers-by slowed down and turned surreptitiously to get a look at the blue Ogrin in the bright yellow rain hat lying in the middle of the cobblestone street screaming bloody murder as if the world had come to an end.

by fields_of_gold

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Random Acts of Kindness

Isn’t it nice to give something back? Everyone knows that random acts of kindness are wonderful ways to share with other people. And because everyone loves Neopets so much, why not do your best to brighten up the site by spreading some happiness to share with someone else! Here are some ideas that you can use to make someone’s day on Neopets!

Other Stories


When a Vacation Isn't a Choice
"Greetings, subject group 647-B. My name is Phidre, and today you will be testing a few of the Space Station’s latest technological devices, including the much-anticipated Nebula Force Field Generator. I presume you have all signed and read the safety waivers…” The microphone in Phidre’s ear crackled. A voice boomed into her ear, mixed with static. “Dr. Phidre, you don’t have any subjects today,

by guineagymnastics


*snap* That was the sound that the striped Gelert's tourist camera makes when she elegantly took a photo. Charliemae...

by sparkleeze


Petpets in Peril: Part Two
Welcome to the second instalment of Petpets in Peril, articles looking at games that feature petpets. Each game is reviewed and given a peril rating. Last week we covered games that saved petpets from danger, so now lets move onto games where you put petpets into peril!

by ratty170170


You Know You’re Addicted to Avatars When…
I’m not quite sure how or when this happened, but one day many, many years ago, I found myself suddenly obsessed with little square sets of pixels. I don’t know just why that little “Something Has Happened!” popup denoting the newest addition to my collection is as thrilling as it is, but at some point in time, my entire Neopian life began hinging on the thrill of the chase… of avatars!

by pizzanoodles2


Kad Problems?!

Also by industrial.

by praline01


The Jubjub Doesn't Fall Far From The Tree
Or Was That A Coconut?

by mustikeuh121

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