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New Series

Agent of the Sway: Discovery - Part One

Hanso stepped off the boat, wrapping his coat around him to protect against the wind that flung the desert sand at his face.

by herdygerdy
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"That Great Hunger" by cosmicfire918
"I want this food," the Werelupe King insisted. They'd been following for hours the aroma of something salty and savoury and mouthwatering. It had piqued his interest as soon as he smelled it. From there, the hunt was on. It was true that he tasked his thanes with collecting tribute, but he was a Werelupe, after all, and the thrill of the chase...

Other Stories


The Kidnapping of Illusen
"Whatcha reading?" a voice suddenly hissed in his ear. "Another one of your dumb detective stories?"

by tj_wagner


Stuck Inside
My unusual adventure started with the worst thing anyone could think of: The Lab Ray.

by roxy1042


Dealing With Neopian Deflation
The Neopian economy has always been an inflating one.

by rider_galbatorix


Possession Makes The Heart Grow Fonder?
At the time of the writing of this article, the Neoboards are buzzing with the latest prank by TNT -- random "foster pets" showing up on our accounts, courtesy of the tricksters at TNT...

by indulgences


Dinner with the Scarlets: Chaos
Both sides have a pretty good point.

by june_scarlet


At the Rainbow Fountain...

by flying_tree

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