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New Series

The Play's the Thing: Part One

"Can't be doing with plays," Edna told them. "Too much fancy talking and not enough getting to the point. They take half an hour just to say hello."

by herdygerdy
A Very Hunter Christmas: Part One

"I can't believe this is going to be our first Christmas in the new house!" exclaimed Tsukasa, gliding around the living room dreamily...

by capricornhunter
Christmas of the Heart: Part One

Karen no longer knew what it was like to own a Neopet. She had nearly forgotten those days...

by puppy_girl252
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Celebrating Borovan Day

Borovan, the much-loved hot beverage of choice for Neopians, is celebrated each year on the 20th Day of the Month of Celebrating. This illustrious day of festivities is perhaps the pinnacle, nay, the centre-piece on the table of Neopian celebrations. After all, who wouldn't love to chow down on asparagus and hot chocolate-flavoured food and drink for a whole day? For those of you who have yet to discover the wonders of borovan...

Other Stories


The Reawakening of the MSPP
Now come on in, don't be afraid. 'Though, you probably should be. Oh well, nothing I could do about it now – they've seen you entering, so it's certainly too late now.

by nachtregen


Grandma's Prized Possession
"And this," Grandma said while she gently pulled a small ivory tea cup from the top shelf of an ancient wooden cabinet, "is my prized possession."

by backpack1110


Unusual Foods: Sandwiches
What could be better than a sandwich on an ordinary day?

by ripplestream850


A Beginner's Guide to Snack Safekeeping
Inspired by my life as a middle child.

by honshusan


The Off Season: Interview
"Come on! Don't you know how much these suits cost?"

by desert_gp_dragon2oo5


A Colour-Blind Christmas 1 of 2
Now in frostbite inducing colour!

by subzeroace

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