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New Series

Witches Further Abroad: Part One

It was the annual witch convention. Well, annual might have been stretching it a bit; it was the first witch convention...

by herdygerdy
Tales of a Petpet Adventure: Part One

"Password?" the bush said and rustled a bit.

"Weewoo," said a Faellie in response...

by micrody

The Night of Nothing: Part One

After all, a day where nobody needs to be officially happy about anything is perfect for a place that thrives on fear and misery...

Also by spoonguardonline

by water_park1993

Vinsetta: Part One

"It's not like I had a choice," said Emma, continuing to stare out the window into the night. "They just dropped in and left her, saying they would return soon..."

by reggieman721
Memoirs of a Reluctant Villain: Part One

Everyone has a story...

by sweetie_butterfly
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The Best of the Post

So you've traveled to Mystery Island, visited the Island Mystic for wisdom and Haikus, and stopped off at the Trading Post, in the shade of those lovely palm trees. You're searching for a rare plushie or Petpet far too expensive for the Shop Wizard Shops and you don't like Auction Sniping. Maybe you've even read a few guides and articles on how to use the Trading Post. Yet you feel there's something missing, something important you just can't grasp. Something that would you make more than just a casual Trading Post user...

Other Stories


The Dance Teacher
All Mirandela really wanted was a chance to dance in public, on a stage. But every single theatre, dance or musical company in Neopia Central had their doors closed...

by northenlights120


A Week At Cockroach Towers
But this story isn't about how I think our life was good. This story is about the week that wasn't so good...

by pippin_me


200m Peanut Dash: Game Guide
In this game you play a puppyblew who is playing fetch with a green Elephante.

by star_shine_88


Snow Wars 2 Guide
In the beginning, it's all about getting the right battlefield setup. You want there to be no snowmen near the outskirts...

by ohguesswhat


And Now...
...something completely different.

by fish_puddle


There's a little boogie in everyone...

by chkmic8

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