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New Series

Faerie Forest: Part One

On this particular day, there was only one neopet in the clearing- a spotted Cybunny who was dancing around happily as she picked flowers...

by lavendergoddess79
The Treasured Diary: Part One

Nearly every night there were grand balls full of his loyal subjects who did everything in their power to make sure they kissed up to him as much as possible. He shook his head in bemusement. Oh yes, being a prince was just terrible.

by twirlsncurls5
The Search for the Tooth Faerie: Part One

"There IS no Tooth Faerie!" Dewdrop replied. "It's just something that happens to make you feel better for losing a tooth. The Tooth Faerie isn't real!"

by silentbutterfly
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"Venturing Into Jhudora's Cloud" by shadowcristal and precious_katuch14
Jhudora's Cloud, with all its hidden traps and dangers for those who dared to enter. Magical shields to keep nosy faeries away, and scary, swirling smoke that scared the faint-hearted Neopets. The green Xweetok clenched her paw as she skipped upwards on the spiraling clouds. I'm not afraid, she told herself...

Other Stories


Venturing Into Jhudora's Cloud
Finally, here at last! That rumored Jhudora's Cloud, with all its hidden traps and dangers for those who dared to enter...

Also by precious_katuch14

by shadowcristal


Walking the Plank
Aboard the docks, Jacques sat depressed next to the edge of the ship, hanging his head over the side of the railing. There was a pinch of guilt and low self-esteem in his stomach that couldn't quite fade...

by ironytothemax


To Pound or Not to Pound?
Well, when I was at the Pound, I noticed that many of the pets were the same species. So this leads me to my first list.

by fyregyrl


Does Sloth Wear Shoes?
To have a response to this difficult question, I have interviewed several Neopians, and have gotten a number of different and much exaggerated responses.

by priastonic


Complete Confusion - Mootix Mayhem
Oh no, it couldn't be a gigantic explosion!!

by puppypuff_


Chibi Pals
Whatever you do, don't call Jhudora ugly!!

by puffibunni

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