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New Series

Treasure of the Caves: Part One

So far Tsuki had been reading silently, completely forgotten in his own little world. The legend had captured him so much though that he spoke the last words out loud...

by ssjelitegirl
The Ruby Heart: Part One

I don't know why I was awake at the time, but I was, just as I had been every now and then. It was him. I was remembering again. I had to remember again...

by kindheartedfairy
Roomies: Part One

Jhudora woke up to the smell of smoke. Jolting from her dream, she noticed that her lair (cloud and all) was being engulfed by giant red flames...

by vanessa1357924680
Return of Seamstress Cybunny: Part One

The shop became the talk of the town. On weekends, the place would be piled with Neopets searching for special outfits to wear...

by anime_cybunny
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Where Are They Now?

But a couple months later, when the war has ended or the puzzle has been solved, then what do the Neopets do? Where do they go? Through careful research and discreet following (which is clearly different than stalking), these probing questions now have answers. The truth shall be revealed...

Other Stories


It's a Slorg's Life
In Bugga's Slorgs, there were many people and their neopets looking at them and all of Bugga's Slorg items. Someone, take me home, he thought...

by greenjunglekitty


Tales From Cabin Eight: the Creature in the Cabin
Cabin Eight, however, was the worst of the lot. There seemed to be something about this cabin, a bad aura if you will...

by dan4884


A Menacing Machine: the Unlikely Suspects Behind It
No one who has pulled the Lever of Doom would suspect these Neopians of creating such a menace...

by mike2003ekim


The Grey Pet: a Forgotten Hero
The question is, who would inflict this torture on their beloved ones?

by appropinquo


Squid Troubles
Ahh! Giant Squid!

by btcomsa12


Neopian Neophyte
Not *quite* balanced stats...

by leedom111

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