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This editorial is brought to you in part by kikocat :)

I've recently been working on collaborating with a friend on a few NT submissions, but a few days ago he was frozen for his own protection! While we're waiting to hear back from support, what should we do? If we go ahead and submit our entries now will he get credit when he gets unfrozen? Should I wait for him to get unfrozen before submitting anything? I want to make sure he's able to get properly credited on his eventual return.~~1337_masta
Great question. You can submit now even though your friend is frozen (make sure to include their name in the comments so they will get credit). What will happen is that a note will be made on their account to contact the NT Editor when they are unfrozen. Once they are unfrozen, they would just need to send in a ticket to be given the credit for the collaboration. So yes, go ahead and enter even though they are frozen. Hopefully they will be unfrozen quickly.

Hey, TNT. In the latest Editorial, you said that we could NM our Neofriends our BC links, but last time I heard, we could NOT do it because "not everyone has 100 Neofriends to Neomail their entries to". Now I'm confused on what the rule is, aside from not NMing people who aren't NFs. Are we allowed to NM our NFs BC entries or not? – krabbox
No, not everyone has 100 Neofriends, but you can Neomail your Neofriends as long as they agree to getting your BC spam Neomails, if they do not approve they can report the spam and you will receive a message asking you not to send unsolicited Neomails about the Beauty Contest. So please keep that in mind and only Neomail friends you have spoken to about the BC before and you know are alright getting those kinds of Neomails.

I just wanted to say I think the art gallery's bad art day was so fun to look at, is there any possibility maybe this could be an annual thing for the art gallery?
Such a fantastic idea!! That could be a lot of fun. Other themed days might be great as well, so if you have any ideas please post them on the Art Board or send in here so we can consider them. Please keep in mind, they would not interfere with special themed days (for pet days for example) and would need to be on days that right now are considered to be “Random Days”. Check the Art Gallery schedule that is posted on the Art Board to see when Random Days are.

Also, watch for user created Beauty Contest themes, they are a great way to get involved. The next one, is starting February 21-28 called the Great Royal Ball. These are not run by staff, but always seem to be well received so check out the Art Board for more information about that. There is a board regarding this which includes when the entries should be submitted and everything else you need to know. If you’re new to the BC, this might be a good way to get involved.

Okay, I'm really confused about last weeks answer regarding changing gender via the lab ray scientist battles on side accounts... you said to transfer the pet to our main and battle there, but the lab ray scientist is an exclusive challenger for accounts with the lab ray- so if you only have the lab ray on your sides that obviously isn't an option. In that case, can we battle him on sides? Especially if we lose the battle and receive absolutely no NPs or items, just a gender change? It would be really unfair if we couldn't take full advantage of the lab ray we paid good Neopoints for just because we have it on our side, especially if we make sure not to earn anything from the battle!~~loba_negra
Sorry about the misunderstanding, you are correct. The Lab Ray Scientist can only become a challenger if you have a Lab Ray on that account so yes, if you only had a Lab Ray on a side account then you would be able to battle the Scientist on that account. (Only the Lab Ray Scientist though.)

Hello, thank you for all of your hard work. I am always impressed by how well the site is maintained even being as old as it is. :) *gives cookie* Just so you guys know on the bottom of the "News" Page - this // There is a "Daily Dare" section that says Daily Dare is back and also a "Contests and Spotlights" section that is still showing Caption Contest 1396. If these are not going to be updated I don't think anyone will miss them much if they poofed. You don't have to reply to me, it's just something that bugs me when I see the news each day. Sorry I am not trying to be a complainer!~~jordyvaughn bothers us too, sometimes when we try to update these the whole site's really strange, so that's why we try not to touch them. But we will if we can...just beware you asked for this....XD

Rule #6 on the Boards is "Personal information is personal" and it goes a little something like this: "To ensure everyone stays safe in Neopia, no one may share information that can be used to personally identify themselves or others. This may include a photo, full name, address, phone number, email address, or other contact information. Do not provide ways to contact you off of, like social networking profiles or sharing instant messenger usernames." My question is, can I have my Neopets user name in the bio section of my off-Neo social media accounts? So my IRL friends know I play and can add me as a friend? Or do you look down upon that as a violation of this rule, even though it's off-site? Thanks in advance if this one makes it into the Editorial. :)~~haic0re
That would be entirely up to you, we don't have any rules against linking to Neopets from external sites, just please don't give those site names out on Neopets.

Donny's Corner:

Hi. I have a small thing for Donny: The item name "Aurrick vs Claymaker Stamp" is currently misspelled. It is currently spelled "Clamymaker." ~~_brainchild_
Wow how embarrassing...Donny has fixed this while shaking his head..

Hello. The Harfell Mince Pie is misspelled, it should be written like this : Harffel Mince Pie.~~darkobsession
Guess it's a spell fix day! Donny is done...


*passes out cookies & almond milk* I just wanted to say THANK YOU SO MUCH to Jade + the NC Team + all of TNT for paying attention to us asking for new baby/maraquan/mutant clothes - the new items have been amazing & my weird morphed pets feel loved! The Maraquan White Beaded Gown is GORGEOUS! THANK YOU SO MUCH & keep up the great work !~~spukl1
aww this made my day. I'm really trying to give you all some good stuff. This year I really want to do better for the ncc, deliver better art with fewer mistakes! That's my goal anyways...let's see how it goes XD

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