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Welcome back to the editorial! Just a quick reminder that if you want a specific image to be used as the main image for your story be sure to add it into the comments to the editor. The function that we have to input a specific url does not reach us unfortunately so please include it in your additional comment section so I am sure to see it. Additionally when adding code for your story be sure to use carrots <>rather than brackets [], it will save a lot of time for editing! Thank you to all you who constantly submit articles, stories and comics! This continues to be one of the biggest spotlights on the site!

First off, I love to see you guys working on amazing new colours. However, I wish that we could vote for our favorite TWO of the options. I know as a customizer who chats with other customizers, that in the first PB Poll, Burlap was everyone's second favorite, but because everyone votes for their first fave, Burlap came in absolute last. If we could have voted for our top two favorites, the outcome would have been different. So, if you could pretty please with rainbow sprinkles on top mention this around for next time, customizers would be very thankful.~~ziviacreed
This is a good point. I’ve talked to the team and they agree that we should have a more sophisticated polling system the next time around.

Hey! It is Gelert Day today, March 6th. The results of the Paint Brush poll were released this morning. Oil Paint won, but Mosaic came in 2nd. The last PB poll we had, TNT released BOTH 1st and 2nd place colors on the next Pet Day. Please do so again! I want to paint Mermutt Mosaic! Thank you for considering...Cheers!~~fullonparanoid
We will certainly be releasing Mosaic as a colour. We’re just working out a few details on our end before we do so.

I'm working on an article for the neopian times and I had a question. I know we can include images in our articles but is there a limit? Without giving away my idea, my article would have an image for every species of neopet. Is this too much? The images would be imperative to the article.~~_clows_cool_pets
Of course not, the more images the better. Just be sure to add your own image coding language to make the editing process a lot smoother.

Hey TNT! (Hands out delicious ice cream with chocolate frosting). I was wondering what happend to Lyria after the lost heirloom. I just checked your new app Legends and Letters and i see her on a picture with her enemy. What happen to her? Did she escape or something? And will we know what happens to her or not? Like a Epilogue?~~math1271
She does escape her father. What happens after that...well... you will have to play Legends and Letters to find out.

The final item for the Collectible Charms album page was created in 2013 for the Festival of Neggs event but never released. Could it be released for this year's event, as we're now far into the Charms II page even though Charms I can't be completed. The item was called Festival Negg Collectable Charm.~~shadiochaos
It will be released in this year’s Festival of Neggs. :)

With the Lyra event coming to an end, it feels like there are a lot of unanswered questions. Like, where did Lyra end up? What happened to Aymas and the Qasalan soldiers, will they be punished? Is Aharoon under arrest now? Did the Sakhmet people who disliked Qasalans like them now? Where is the Sakhmet treasury and why couldn't Amira open it? Why was Dacon running away with Blaze? Why did no one notice it on display in the Xendrik Mansion all this time? How did the Ruki know where it was? Who was the Ruki, really? Why did Dacon need to find it? Why did the palace magician have to send a message to Vyssa, when she's Amira's sister and should have been in the palace? And more. Are these questions going to be answered?~~herdygerdy
Well yes, some of these were answered in the final newspaper update. Some, like where Lyra ended up, is answered in Legends and Letters. The location of the Sakhmet treasury is known only to the rulers and their closest aides, and Amira did not want to allow the leader of the coup access to it. Dacon was returning to the palace with the Blaze, having received it from the Ruki, the palace magician. The weapon had been missing from his family for generations, and the later ones weren’t sure what it looked like. It wasn’t easy to conclude that it was the same as another well-known weapon. The Ruki has a mysterious way of knowing things others don’t. Dacon really needed some extra help in his situation, and the Blaze certainly counted as just that. Vyssa was traveling - with her sister ruling the land, she is free to explore the world outside her city, and she often does so.

Donny's Corner:

75+ wearable zone and restriction related fixes.

Fixed bug that prevented users from uploading guild logos

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