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Ayo TNT! cue beautiful violin music I was wondering; Do we need the first rubbish avatar in order to attain the second one? Or can you get the newest rubbish avatar without getting the old one (you know, for discarding.) first? violin chords break o.o I'd feel pretty silly trying to get the new one, if I need the old one first. Thank yas.
You do not need the first avatar to get the second one.

Hello wonderful Neopian Staff. Trick-or-treat? First question, what is your favorite candy? I need a list to prepare for Halloween so you all can get full sized candy. I am just that nice. Second question, how do our neo friends and neo visitors see our fancy new journal that we post pictures of our beautiful neopets? Mine all have their Halloween costumes on and I want to show off their pictures in the journal! Thanks! Don't forget to stop by my house on 31st for your candy!~~braden_alexander
Under 'Preferences', go to 'Displaying your Journal' and make sure your setting is 'Visible to All'. Then, you can go to your user lookup and scroll to the bottom where you have 'My Journal' on the right. Copy the link address, and share. Alternately, you can just add your username to '' and share that.

Any way we could get more baby clothes for neopoints? The ones in the mall are always adorable, and I'm disappointed when I see there's only the snowsuit and mittens for neopoints. I always wanted to paint a pet baby, but the lack of clothing for customization turned me off. I just want to have a fashionable baby pet, is that too much to ask?~~rinabeee
It's really not too much to ask...and with the holiday season approaching I think it's a perfect gift. Keep an eye out and your wish could come true ;)

Guild Questions

Thanks for the update to guild rules! Some clarifying questions: 1) Can the guild donation shop be held on a dedicated guild side account, provided that it is listed on guild council and only one person is accessing that account? (This will technically violate the "one account per guild" clause, as the guild account would be a side account of the guild leader. Is that okay?) 2) Can members donate NP items to be used as prizes in guild activities? 3) Can members donate NC items to be used as prizes in guild activities? 4) Can guilds run “Secret Santa” or gift exchange type activities? Members would be spending their own NP, but participation is completely voluntary.~~kat_bus
1. Yes. 1a. Yes - that should have been spelled out in the post. Good catch :) ... or :( really for us. 1b. They can make a new account. Side note: we will be updating the multiple accounts rules very soon (hopefully) to help with this and other account questions like it. 1c. No. This could easily be abused - like an excuse to steal/sell an account or even share an account long-term. 1c.ii. They could deactivate the account and leave the guild. Then a new account could be set up to run the guild shop. 2. Yes. Hopefully this wont get abused, but the answer is yes - as long as it's being done in the spirit of the rule of course. The other two are currently being reviewed by our support team so as soon as that is solidified we will let you know, for now I would advise to wait on a verdict.

Hello! I read about joining one guild on each of our accounts but I wanted to have something clarified. My council and myself have one side account as well in the guild just in case something (like getting hacked or silenced) were to happen. These are just backups and I was wondering if that is against the new rules in guilds. My council and I would like to know about this so we can have a plan in motion. Thanks/ ~~un removed
We'll allow the additional accounts as long as they adhere to the spirit of the rules. Creating multiple accounts just to bulk up membership wouldn't be allowed, for example. But having an additional account in the guild - just in case - should not be a problem whatsoever.

In Editorial 843 you said we can have guild shops, tournaments and contests. You also said we can join a guild on our side. But we are not allowed to earn NP or items on our side, so how would this go? If someone joins a guild on their side, and wins NP or an item from the guild, could they possibly get frozen? We all love our sides and don't want to get frozen for something that you said we could do, but it is the understanding that you could in no way earn np or items on a side. Please clarify! Also could you please remove my username, thanks!~~mystical_chick03
The easy solution is this: don't enter contests on your sides :)

OK I love what you are allowing with guilds however I have no 4 sides that are have have always been with my guild. Do I have to remove them now? My guild leader is aware of them and I would never use a side inappropriately as I abide by rules. Did you mean one account in which you can participate in contests? Please clarify this.~~nashie363comesback
If you have existing accounts in a single guild you can use those to join other guilds if you like! But having all of them in a single guild might be seen as guild padding. It's not something we would freeze for! But it's also something not exactly going by the spirit of the rules though. So we would ask everyone this: please limit the number of your own accounts in a single guild to two. And yes, we will have the multiple account rule addressed (!) very soon too!

Donny's Corner: Added Paradise Glasses for Kacheeks, Greenery Candle Garland was repaired & Fixed auction glitches.

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