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Hey guys, it's me again..Jade. Checkin in on you guys! I hope you are all doing wonderfully, and if you're not, do something that makes you happy, go for that bike ride, read that book, collect those avatars!!! Scrappy is still out, so for now you have lil ol me. You guys are killin it in Daily Dare this year and you guys seem to love the all new Faerie Quests! Altador Cup is also coming very soon so stay tuned and alert and ready! So with that have a fantastic weekend everyone!

Hey guys! Just a heads up...there are two items called "Ice Cream Garland" (both Daily Dare prizes, too!) - so this creates some confusion when checking the shop wiz or looking for the items.~~beatricesommer
Buuuuut you see, one is just an Ice Cream Garland and the other is....a Knit Ice Cream Garland, clearly not the same thing XD We just love ice cream so much we can't help it! #Icecreamloversanonymous

Hi TNT/Scrappy! I wanted to thank you for the beautiful new Origami Lutari. *pokes Krunchlett* :) Anyways, I wanted to request an Origami Lutari avatar!! There are not many avatars that feature Lutaris and they are my favorite pet! Thanks a bunch!~~ryannub
YAYY!!So glad you liked it, I hope it folded out the way you dreamed! That's a great idea I'll add it to our GIGANTIC list of ideas that we have!

Hey Jade. I was curious. With Poetry Contest 2200 coming up, are the users who got into Poetry Contest 2100 going to get their rare card prize anytime soon? The same with users who got into Storytelling 800? They haven't been given out yet.~~dr_tomoe
Oh me oh my, there is just so much happening at once sometimes I get a little dizzy honestly! I will be sure to go back and grant you all your hard earned week of course, it is Friday afterall! HAPPY FRIDAY EVERYONE!!! ***unce unce unce unce - dance beat music*** XD!

Hi Jade! As a longtime Neopets fan with a lifelong dream of getting published in the Neopian Times I just want to say I honestly really miss when articles and stories had header images specifically drawn for them (as in, depicting a scene from the story, etcetera). I'm guessing it kind of stopped after JumpStart took over but I'd love to see that sort of thing make a comeback - would that be possible? P.S. Tell Scrappy I said hi!~~felidaefaerie
HIIII! Thanks for being a long time reader! I will tell her :D! The Neopian Times is such a cool place for all of you to express yourself with art, html and writing and it truly amazes me each week! But never fear we will gladly take any images you guys want to submit for your articles! All you have to do is add the link in your comment to the editor and we will be sure to add it, just make sure it works!

Is there any way we could get more Glack items? Seems like we only have the Plushie and the P3 itself, and it's quite a cute critter. Neopia could use more Glack.~~fishstick013
Glackkkkk...great idea ;)

Hi Jade! *offers small fragment of jade* *wonders if that's like Jade-ception* Thank you for helping us out! I wondered: since the amount of Caption Contest entries has increased over time, from 30 to 60+, would it be possible to award the avatar to more folks? I know a lot of people would love to rock the Ha Ha Ha! on the neoboards. Thank you!~~ earthlingdreamz
Ohhh I think it kind of is...(falls into never ending vortex of confusion) We are so so so happy to see more and more people participating in this contest!! However we want to keep it rare, adding to the element of a challenge so for now it will stay the same.

Look, Jade. Some of us had been communicating with Scrappy about Premium losing one of it's PAID features since the Charity Corner perk shop opened: our Premium Random Events (ie. Space Faerie REs). The CC perk eliminated this PAID feature. Now Scrappy's taken off for a few weeks. Who's looking out for us and when will this be fixed? Many of us pay monthly, by the way, and by the time she comes back more than a month will have elapsed since the Perk shop opened. Thank you. ~~bluelilacia
Well hello, I totally get it Scrappy is pretty amazing I must say, I get to see her every day, and lately it's even quiet without her :( BUT, have no fear there are plenty of us left at TNT who are looking out for you! The Space Faerie has been travelling to new galaxies lately, and sometimes she is gone longer than anticipated, but we are working with her to get her back to Neopia!!

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