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Hey there, Scrappy! If I have a comic to submit for the 800th issue, can I send it to you now for approval, or is it WAY too soon yet? I'm just asking because I'd like to make sure it gets in. Also, can I submit multiple comics at once for the 800th (and the ones that don't get into that specific issue might be put into other issues) or can I only submit one? *presents a box of finest gourmet cookies* ~hidalgo500h
It's definitely a little early but you can send it my way! However, I would only submit the one you want in the 800th the most to have that comment. The others can just be normal submissions and will go in other issues but submitting 5 different comics with the comment that you want it in the 800th won't help your chances.

Hi Scrappy! What the heck is the "Collab Issue"? ~velvet_paw
Ah good question! For those of you that don't know, our collab issues are basically themed issues. You guys get to pick the theme you want to do, you let me know and we make it happen! For further reference you can go check out some of our past ones: 668, 715 or 772.

Hi Scrappy! *tosses cookies in the air* I was wondering how the Staff Tournament works in terms of the points that will be revealed on Fridays. Are their points determined by the number of AC games they play or perhaps by having their own match of Yooyuball? ~rurirawr
Well, just like you guys we LOVEEEEE to play in Altador Cup. We have our tournament pretty much the same way you guys have yours. Of course, we love to play all of the games but nothing beats that healthy competition we have when playing Yooyuball. I'm not gonna lie, our games can get pretty intense *cough cough DJ Skellington cough* but it's all in good fun!

Hey Scrappy! *hands plate of clockwork yooyu-shaped cookies that may or may not be explosive* In playing Yooyuball this week, I got to wondering: what happens when a clockwork Yooyu explodes? What happens to the Yooyu, like is it harmed at all? Additionally, how do the explosions affect the players near the Yooyu? I, personally, am concerned for the safety of Elon "The Black Hole" Hughlis who has been in the center of many explosions in my games recently. I have some worry that the use of clockwork Yooyus is putting the poor petpets and players at risk of being injured. I would appreciate your insider opinion on this important subject! ~guildlyite
Let me start by saying, I swear to all of you that NO NEOPIANS OR PETPETS HAVE BEEN HURT IN ALTADOR CUP!! I know many of you might be worried but we have done extensive planning and precautions are in place for our cute little buddies. The Yooyu's have protections (thanks to our very own Fyora and scholars of Neopia) that allow explosions to not cause them any harm. As for the surrounding players, they might come away with a scratch or bruise but hey, they're tough right?

If flagged users are unable to advance to the next rank while playing in the Altador Cup, how are users who've already achieved all-star rank supposed to know whether they've been flagged if they are no longer advancing in rank anyway?
I'm glad this question came up because there have been many worries about something like this. So, there is a message that will show up if you have been flagged that looks like this: Your account is marked for suspicious activity and will not be able to actively rank up. If you feel that you've been wrongly affected by this, you are welcome to write into our team for further clarification. Thank you!
Also, there has been some modifications to the standings page which will make the day-to-day changes much more clear!

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