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Will the Daily Dare be returned to its usual spot (March) this year? I want to know if I should save my NC for it. ~ mopsihog
There will be a Daily Dare event coming up in the next couple of months, but I don't have an exact date for you yet!

*Offers marbles, flowers, & candy in the hopes that this gets into the editorial.* In the New Features announcement for the new PB colours you guys said "(NOTE: the paintbrush style will vary slightly between pets.)". Personally, I think Marble could look AWESOME and way better if it came in colours other than green like that! Blue, or red, or pink or white or yellow or even black, for example!! Please tell me that that NOTE truly means Marble will come in other colours, CQ! P.S. If this gets into the editorial, please omit my username!! ~ username removed
Hi there, and thanks for the gifts, flattery will get you everywhere! Just like any other complex paint brush, each one will be a little different and have unique colours/designs that make it special!

*politely presents cookies* I had a question regarding random gifts! I recently had an ~awesome~ person randomly gift me an expensive item as a "Thank You" for some advice posts I'd made on the Neoboards. I wasn't sure if I was allowed to accept this gift? I didn't ask for it, and it wasn't in exchange for anything. The closest answer I could find regarding this issue is from Issue #269 of The Neopian Times, where TNT says it's okay to accept gifts from NFs. This person isn't my Neofriend, though, and we don't have any prior communications, which I thought might seem suspicious to the entity in charge of freezings. What should I do? I don't want to seem ungrateful. :/ If you wouldn't mind, could you remove my username please? Thanks! Have a great week! ~ username removed
Hi! Asking for or expecting items in exchange for anything other than Neopoints or other items is definitely against the rules, but someone deciding on their own to send you a gift because you were nice to them? We're not trying to prevent that! As long as you're clear on that distinction, you should be good to go!

So I know that we aren't allowed to play Trudys Surprise on our side account since it gives neopoints. But if we play just so we can get gift boxes for NC trading, would it be okay? Would it be acceptable if we play to get boxes and donate the neopoints we get? please remove username ~ username removed
Unfortunately, that is not allowed. Trudy's Surprise is a daily that gives neopoints, and therefore using it on a side account for any reason is considered multiple account abuse.

Greetings, CQ! I just switched main accounts and I was wondering what to do with the NP I made. Can I buy codestones with it to continue to train, even though I know I can't battle on a side account if prizes are involved or take part in any events? Can I send the bulk of the NP from my side to my main? Thank you for all that you do for us and for reading my questions! ~ heretovisit
Hi! You can send the NP to your new main and buy things from there to send to your sides!

*Happy Thoughts*

Hey Country Queen! I sure hope you guys are all getting praise for these new potential colours because they're all gorgeous! I had a really hard time choosing just one, and I'm hoping you guys will release them all eventually! ~ kaioti

TNT, I would like to thank you for organizing another Charity Corner. Its a great way to get rid of rubbish while having a chance at something great! More than anything else, its what keeps me a neopets player. I love it! *throws cookies at TNT* ~ ozsheila061

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