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Hi TNT, First of all, thanks for all of the new items! I noticed you released two new petpet colors (Stealthy Bubblebee and Robot Uggatrip). These appear to be released at R79 I believe and have been restocking in ships. Was this intentional or are they supposed to be R101? Thanks, ~ steve_km
Their rarities have been fixed, back to r101 they go. Thanks for the heads up!

So what is the deal with the new Christmas Jetsam, released last month? The hat and bow that it wears are not removable like all other paint brush clothing! Will this be fixed, or has it been already and I need to repaint my Jetsam to get it to work the right way? ~ purplebin
Oh no! I'll shoot a paper airplane around and see if I can land it on the right desk to get this fixed.

Hi CQ! First off, could you please remove my U/N if you answer this question? Alright, so now onto my question...which is about the 800th issue of the NT which will arrive in September this year. I would like to submit an article for it, and I was wondering when the appropriate time to do so would be? 2 months before? Or about when? And also, do you reserve an issue submitted for a long time if it's asked in the note section of the entry? Again, could you please remove my U/N if you answer this? Thanks so much! ~ username removed
Hi there! The 800th issue, how exciting! Definitely include a comment in the notes section about how you would specifically like to be in that issue, or else you will likely get placed in a regular issue instead. Also, 2 months before is far too long! It would just sit around my inbox, and does not help you more or less in securing a spot. I would say about two weeks before is plenty of time. Good luck!

Hello!!! I just have a quick question about the Storytelling competition (or maybe a couple questions). If I submit for the first part of the story, when is the best time to do so? And will I hear back with a rejection or acceptance, and if not should I resubmit another week or start from scratch? Thanks!! ~ jetaketa
Hi! So we publish new beginnings on Mondays, so the best time to submit would be over the weekend. Unfortunately, the tool for running the Storytelling contest doesn't allow us to send rejections, but you will get a trophy if your part is chosen, and since all entries are time sensitive, you typically know fairly soon whether or not your part was chosen. If not, please do resubmit once the current story has ended and try again for the next week! Sometimes we get several good ones, but can only choose one and have no way to hold them over for the future.

Hey CQ! It appears that the NT submission form isn't working right. Whenever I try to submit a comic, it does not bring me to the page that confirms that the submission was received. Rather, it brings me back to the initial page that lists the different submissions that the NT accepts. Is this an unfortunate glitch on my end? Or is the submission portal not working properly? Thanks! ~ lithoxide
Hello, and sorry you're having trouble! Try checking your comic to make sure it fits all of our qualifications - especially file size and image type. If these things are incorrect, it can prevent you from submitting an entry at all!

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