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I'm still a little confused about the Altador Cup max scores. How do you tally in the actual scores for the games? I thought for each game that you received the required amount, you just earned a check or something. ~ brynchilla
Nope, we record your actual scores for each game you play! Quality and quantity matter here.

Hiya Country Queen! (P.S. I'm rooting for ya in the Staff tournament;) Anyway, I'm just a little confused about the final round in this year's Altador Cup. During the final brackets, will each team still earn points to contribute to their final score, and therefor final standings, or will the winner of the top bracket win the tournament, and thefore winner of the second bracket takes 7th ETC :) Thanks, I've been wondering about this! ~ arnie10
Hey there! That's a pretty good bet, because as it turns out, I can sling slushies with the best of 'em. Now, as for the finals bracket, so here's how it goes - the top 6 ranked teams (going back to those big long decimal numbers I've mentioned if there is a tie), will be placed in the top bracket. 7-12 in the next bracket, and 13-18 in their own bracket. Those teams will all play each other over the course of the last round, and end up at their ranks in the bracket. Now, from here, it works like a normal round, where first place in the bracket is worth a set amount of points, second place is a little less, and so on. However, each spot in bracket one is also worth a few more points in the same spot in bracket 2, which is worth more than the same spot in bracket 3. These points contribute to your final score, but there's a lot on the line. Keep playing and finish the tournament strong, folks!

Hello! I was just wondering how far in advance we can submit an article/comic etc. for the NT? If I wanted to submit something for article.. 750 lets say, how far in advanced can I submit it? Please remove my username, Thanks~ ~ username removed
2 weeks is plenty far out :) I won't judge them until it's close to publishing to make sure as many users as possible get their chance to submit, so make it easy on me and my inbox keep it to about 1-2 weeks before (it makes it a little hectic to have hundreds of entries sitting around a month early). On the flip side though, the week of (especially the day or two before), the issue is probably already full, so don't wait too long!

Hi CQ! Thanks for kicking booty in the Staff Tournament! I was wondering; I know it is a rule not to link off site except for JN, TDN, and apparently DTI.. But my question is, can we say other sites names in passing conversation? ~ stalkerfaux
Nope! Sorry, you can't mention any off-site places unless they're on our approved fan-sites list. It can be considered leading other users off-site, which is a big no-no.

Hello, CQ! I came back to Neopets semi-recently, and I've had a few questions about management changes that I haven't been able to get answered. In the Storytelling Competition, almost all submissions are, by design, valid only for that slot - except for beginnings. Does the judge save beginnings (that they like, of course) for use in later weeks, or do all prospective beginnings need to be sent the weekend before in order to have a chance to appear on any given Monday? I ask because I'm not sure if I should be continually spamming the same entries over and over again or if it's just a 'submit once and hope it might show up a month and a half later' deal. I'm sitting on some beginnings I'd love to see get in, but I don't want to bother the judge unnecessarily. Thanks! ~ dianacat777
Spam away - and remember that I said this, because that is very rarely the answer. By the way judging that contest works, those entries generally do not get saved, because as you said, they are only valid for that slot. So, each weekend, you are free to re-submit any unused beginnings you may have! Thanks for checking, but you're good to try again :)

Hello, I have been saving up FOR MONTHS to get a Mutant Petpet Paint Brush and I finally gave in and purchased one. I went to paint my Powtry, who shows up on JN as having a Mutant counterpart, and "You have no brushes for this petpet!"... Is there any way that the Mutant Powtry could be activated? Jerixx and I would really appreciate that! - Thank you, Cybunaholic
Hi! I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the Mutant Powtry isn't a paintable petpet colour, it was released as a prize in the 2014 Charity Corner. Try the Shop Wizard or Trading Post to see if you can track one down!

Hey, CQ! *presents with a slush making kit to make unlimited slushies with* I'm having a problem with the Altador Cup. Every time I try to load one of the games, I get the ad, but then the screen comes up blank. Basically, none of the games are loading. Any tips? I'd really like to be able to help my team. Thanks for any and all help you choose to provide. ~ cadetbush
Oooooh more slushies! Yay! *slurps slushies* Hmm, check to make sure all your flash plugins are up to date, and that your browser is as well! Try a different browser, make sure Flash content is allowed, and if you use and kind of ad or script blocker, make sure it isn't blocking the site :) If those still don't work, write into support! Good luck!

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